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And other parts of Colbert's schemes deserve still less equivocal condemnation. It is more a collection of economical practices than a true current of economic thought. In 1647, through unknown means, Colbert acquired the confiscated goods of an uncle, Pussort. During his time, he achieved fame by improving the French manufacturing industry and avoiding bankruptcy in the economy (due to the King’s high spending on military campaigns). The special dues that existed in the various provinces could not be swept away, but a measure of uniformity was obtained in central France. His father, Nicolas, purchased a minor government office in Paris; his more influential uncle, Odart Colbert, was a successful merchant-banker. Colbert destroyed Fouquet’s reputation with the king, revealing irregularities in his accounts and denouncing the financial operations by which Fouquet had enriched himself.

One must not judge the career on which Colbert now entered without remembering the corruption of the previous financial administration. There is evidence to show that by this munificence he hoped to draw out praises of his sovereign and himself; but this motive certainly is far from accounting for all the splendid, if in some cases specious, services that he rendered to literature, science and art. Indeed to everything that concerned the interests of France Colbert devoted unsparing thought and toil. The paper also contained an attack upon the Superintendent Fouquet. Jean-Baptiste Colbert. Jean-Baptiste Colbert Ministro del rey Luis XIV de Francia, exponente de la política mercantilista (Reims, 1619 - París, 1683). His relentless hard work and thrift made him an esteemed minister. A steam corvette in 1848 2. The protection of national industry demanded tariffs against foreign produce, and other countries replied with tariffs against French goods. Louis XIV, he aimed the first blow at the greatest of the extortioners -- the bold and powerful superintendent, Fouquet; whose fall, in addition, secured his own advancement. Colbert's method was simple. The paper also contained an attack upon the superintendent Nicholas Fouquet, and being opened by the postmaster of Paris, who happened to be a spy of Fouquet's, it gave rise to a bitter quarrel, which, however, Mazarin repressed during his lifetime. Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Seignelayn vapaaherra (29. elokuuta 1619 Reims – 6. syyskuuta 1683 Pariisi) oli ranskalainen valtiomies, talouspoliittisen filosofian ja colbertismin kehittäjä sekä Ludvig XIV:n kaikkivoipa ministeri. He did, however, wisely consult the interests of internal commerce. Jean-Baptiste Colbert was a politician who served as Louis XIV's Comptroller-General of Finance, Secretary of the Navy and the Secretary of State of the Maison du Roi.

Letters exist written by Colbert to the judges requiring them to sentence to the oar as many criminals as possible, including all those who had been condemned to death; and the convict once chained to the bench, the expiration of his sentence was seldom allowed to bring him release. A great financial and fiscal reform at once claimed all his energies. In short, he soon acquired power in every department except that of war.

He was a member of the French Academy; and one very characteristic rule, recorded to have been proposed by him with the intention of expediting the great Dictionary, in which he was much interested, was that no one should be accounted present at any meeting unless he arrived before the hour of commencement and remained until the hour for leaving. Order and economy being thus introduced into the working of the government, the country, according to Colbert's vast yet detailed plan, was to be enriched by commerce. Historians note that, despite Colbert's efforts, France actually became increasingly impoverished because of the King's excessive spending on wars. Jean Baptiste Colbert (1619-1683) French finance minister and controller general under Louis XIV.

The career on which Colbert now entered must not be judged without constant remembrance of the utter rottenness of the previous financial administration. The sovereign was its president; but Colbert, though for four years he only possessed the title of intendant, was its ruling spirit, great personal authority being conferred upon him by the king. Colbertism (French: Colbertisme) is an economic and political doctrine of the 17th century, created by Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the Controller-General of Finances under Louis XIV of France. His concern for economic progress made him hostile to measures against the Protestants (many of whom were in business) and mistrustful of monks and even of the secular clergy (on the ground that too many men who should have been in commerce took holy orders). Jean-Baptiste Colbert was a French politician and statesman who served as Finance Minister of France from 1665 to 1683 under the rule of King Louis XIV.

), Do you know something we don't? This necessitated not only the production of high-quality goods that could compete with foreign products abroad but also the building up of a merchant fleet to carry them. He also founded royal tapestry works at Gobelins and supported those at Beauvais.

A general (but unconfirmed) belief exists that he spent his early youth at a Jesuit college, working for a Parisian banker; as well as working for the father of Jean Chapelain. In his hatred of idleness, he ventured to suppress no less than seventeen fêtes, and he had a project for lessening the number of those devoted to clerical and monastic life, by fixing the age for taking the vows some years later than was then customary.

A protégé of Mazarin, he was made a minister by Louis XIV in 1661. The authorities established new industries, protected inventors, invited in workmen from foreign countries, and prohibited French workmen from emigrating. Colbert, without any rightful standing in the case, interfered in the trial and made it his personal affair because he wanted to succeed Fouquet as finance minister.

Revise your French history with help from the artworks of the Palace of Versailles! During his time, he achieved fame by improving the French manufacturing industry and avoiding bankruptcy in the economy (due to the King’s high spending on military campaigns).

The Observatoire de Paris, of which the Italian astronomer Giovanni Cassini was put in charge, was founded by Louis XIV at Colbert’s instigation. In 1648, he and his wife Marie Charron, received 40,000 crowns from an unknown source; and in 1649 Colbert became the councillor of state (Political minister). Guilty officials having been severely punished, the fraudulent creditors of the government remained to be dealt with. The great canal of Languedoc was planned and constructed by Pierre Paul Riquet (1604-1680) under his patronage. The comptroller general’s sphere of activity continually expanded. His demands were not small; for, with an ambition mingled, as his letters show, with strong family affection, he aimed at placing all his relatives in positions of affluence and dignity; and many a rich benefice and important public office was appropriated by him to that purpose. Colbert himself became a member of the Académie française; and proposed one very characteristic rule with the intention of expediting the great Dictionary, in which he had a great interest: no one could count as present at any meeting unless he arrived before the hour of commencement and remained till the hour for leaving. With regard to international commerce Colbert was equally unfortunate in not being in advance of his age; the tariffs he published were protective to an extreme. Colbert worked to develop the domestic economy by raising tariffs and by encouraging major public works projects, and to ensure that the French East India Company had access to foreign markets, so that they could always obtain coffee, cotton, dyewoods, fur, pepper and sugar.

He gave many pensions to men of letters, among whom we find Molière, Corneille, Racine, Boileau, P D Huet (1630–1721) and Antoine Varillas (1626–1696); and even foreigners, as Huygens, Carlo Dati the Dellacruscan.

His régime improved roads and canals. Colbert, himself a member of the Académie Française, founded the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres (1663) to choose inscriptions for medals and monuments celebrating the king’s victories; the Académie des Sciences (1666) to study how the sciences could be exploited to the kingdom’s advantage; and the Académie Royale d’Architecture (1671) to lay down rules and refine the taste of French work. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. By his firm maintenance of the corporation system, each industry remained in the hands of certain privileged bourgeois; while the lower classes found opportunities of advancement closed. Colbert, now aged thirty-two, was engaged to keep him acquainted with what should happen in the capital during his absence. The mode of collection was at the same time immensely improved.

The chief cause of this failure, as well as of the failure of the colonies, on which he bestowed so much watchful care, was the narrowness and rigidity of the government regulations. Colbert took much interest in art and literature.

Unable to abolish the duties on the passage of goods from province to province, he did what he could to induce the provinces to equalise them. Author of. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students.

Giraudon/Art Resource, New York Colbert reconstructed the works and arsenal of Toulon and founded the port and arsenal of Rochefort and naval schools at Rochefort, Dieppe, and Saint-Malo. With the abolition of the office of superintendent and of many other offices dependent upon it, the supreme control of the finances became vested in a royal council. Not only the nobility, but many others who had no legal claim to exemption, paid no taxes; the bulk of the burden fell on the wretched country-folk.

As secretary of state for the navy from 1668, he undertook to make France a great power at sea. Supported by the young king Louis XIV, Colbert aimed the first blow at the man accused of being the greatest of the royal embezzlers, the superintendent Nicolas Fouquet. By these means the benches of the galleys were filled, and Colbert took no thought of the long unrelieved agony borne by those who filled them. It can be used without an Internet connection. Colbert sternly and fearlessly set about his task.

The order that he had introduced into public administration was to have a lasting effect.

Colbert devoted endless energy to the reorganization of industry and commerce. Considered an accomplished manager, he was responsible for developing trade, industry and the merchant navy, modernising Paris, and backing new advances in …

Colbert was born of a merchant family.

He possessed a remarkably fine private library, which he delighted to fill with valuable manuscripts from every part of Europe and the Near East where France had placed a consul.

Henceforth his life was a hopeless struggle, and the financial and fiscal reform which, with the great exception of the establishment of the navy, was the most valuable service to France contemplated by him, came to nought. Encouragement was given to the building of ships in France by allowing a premium on those built at home, and imposing a duty on those brought from abroad; and as French workmen were forbidden to emigrate, so French seamen were forbidden to serve foreigners on pain of death.

He promoted legislation on many matters, such as the Ordonnance criminelle of 1670, commercial laws, and the so-called Code Noir on slave labour. Colbert had a simple method of operation. The French East India and West India companies, founded in 1664, were followed by others for trade with the eastern Mediterranean and with northern Europe; but Colbert’s propaganda for them, though cleverly conducted, failed to attract sufficient capital, and their existence was precarious.

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