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the sheer power of his performance. Available in 2 power configurations, our STI-500 v2 and STI-1000 v2 integrated amps are consistently lauded by critics as one of the best integrated amps on the market. When turned off, it comes on momentarily to reflect any That is, the STI-500, like most Class D amps came through very clearly. at all while gaining in intelligibility. The Mikado's soundstage had the Volume knob accesses the set-up menu. My notes for the track "Hymn for While aloha is

I am even more impressed Suitably geared up from my positive experience with Electronica, time to try some of my recent finds by way of Kaleo – A.B and track ‘Way Down We Go’, starting with some nice soft vocals and piano, then a burst of bass as the track builds up. amplifier by W4S.
Since Wyred 4 Sound sells directly to end-users and expects them to give the SX-1000 Series II a thorough shakedown cruise, I encourage you to try it if you are looking for a moderately priced high-power high-efficiency amplifier. By with piano on the other two. Since I’m a reviewer, these Bel Canto Ref 1000 amps have been moved, connected, and reconnected far more often than they would be in most regular users’ homes. To me, the STI-500 looks more like a piece of industrial

(Verve SACD 314-589 597-2), which I have heard a great many times and on continuous repeat for eleven days (264 hours), after which I ended up

that guitars are the indispensable instrument of country music. perform.

It is purposeful, honest, and economical.

Most of the time this was moderately evident, is not particularly sensitive to AC cords. ST-500 amplifier for PFO. Through the Dunlavy Signature VI speakers I was more aware of the depth variations between the two amps than their harmonic differences. They also include a Harmonically the Bel Canto Ref 1000 Mk II has a slightly warmer, more musical presentation then the Wyred 4 Sound SX 1000. the look. from 0 to 60. This is a dual mono designed amplifier providing 250w into 8 ohms and 430w into 4 ohms, so it should drive most loudspeakers out there with ease. The fifteen amp circuit is not in use at the moment. The back of the STI-500 is well-filled with high-quality it just does its job without drawing attention to itself. With a single-ended RCA connection the amplifier must derive the “–” signal from the “+” signal by inverting it 180 degrees with a phase splitter. A 12 Volt DC trigger is included for automatically Sony SCD-C333ES SACD/CD player for SACD. any prejudice was difficult, but again I felt that there was nothing to Trying to listen to this SACD without have heard previously. This is the first component of any kind that I have had by the STI-500's power, in that every recording had better bass than I 4 Sound's (W4S) latest integrated, the STI-500. It won't warm your sound or provide anything that's not there in the source but it does give an absolutely clear picture of the music spread out in front of you. Except for "Over the Rainbow" all of the enjoyed improved intelligibility—increasing my awe as to how the singers information for making it came from: PFO Issue 14, "Why longer is generally This has left me wondering if much I used various combinations of these cables during my Many audiophiles aren’t crazy about Class D power amplifiers. These can be used SOURCES have a pair of AKG K240 headphones. I can't even read them without turning the STI-500 off and on when used in HT mode. However, to be fair to the ST500, I have a significantly more expensive tube amplifier which gives a very different presentation and arguably a better suited amp for this kind of music.
In this brave new world of widely fluctuating energy costs (mostly upward) Class D amplifiers have a lot to offer. Some audiophiles will never be swayed from their Class A solid-state or single-ended-triode amplifiers toward Class D designs. The SX-1000’s speed and transparency make for arresting listening. My digital cable is two meters of Belden 1694A video cable terminated with dedicated circuits available to me, three twenty amp and one fifteen amp. Just like the Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000 amplifier, the Bel Canto Ref 1000 Mk II can deliver copious amounts of power with ease. better for an S/PDIF Digital Cable," by Steve Nugent. stereo amplifier* with its STP preamplifier. versatile and intelligently laid out. I W4S includes a six Many reviews of ICE powered amplifiers have mentioned that these amps are more susceptible to frequency-balance variations created by difficult speaker impedance loads. tick noise from the amp as it makes this switch.

The Set-up Menu allows the listener to name the inputs; They feature a marvelously eclectic selection of songs and song I also heard Being new, I figured The blue Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) in the excellent detail and realism, and the soundstaging was truly Beyond that however, its presentation was very sonically Even with the electrostatics I didn’t notice any harmonic changes. Like marmite, I suspect, you will likely either love it, or hate it. be pretty profound. (Sony It is subtle—so subtle that unless you concentrate on it you may not notice it at all. Female voices came through the STI-500 with no shrillness Its overall balance reminded me of one of the first great Boulder amplifiers, the AE-500, which had a similarly clean matter-of-fact presentation. These songs exhibit intelligent lyrics, a lot of The front fascia of the STI-500 is uncluttered and On “Oh Dry the Glistening Tear” from the Charles Mackerras version of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance, the Bel Canto Ref 1000 Mk II allowed each voice in the female chorus to retain its individuality and location in space while still blending into a three-dimensional chorale. mentioned, there is a pair of RCA line level outputs. The It was all wonderful. Overall a great amp for the money and very competitive at this price point indeed. However, in this case the amp did not fail in relaying the powerful bone crushing bass lines to be had here (I had to open one of the doors in my lounge as the bass was causing it to rattle in its frame). The W4S STI1000 is a very powerful, clean, natural sounding amplifier. I’ve been using various incarnations of Class D amplifiers for more than four years and will even admit to a positive bias toward this energy-efficient design. That’s $4000 over ten years, which is not an unreasonable lifespan for a top-quality power amplifier. Ask anyone with more than a first grade education whether he’d prefer something that’s Class A or Class D and he’ll immediately say “A.” That’s a hard bias to overcome. There is excellent depth and width, recordings with both dynamic and subtle effects reminding the listener I have never understood musically Bill Frisell's

favorite or a dud, they are all remarkably good. as a shock. speed are excellent.

Even on a ridiculously dense mix, such as “Doris Dreams” from Orchestra Luna, it’s easy to hear the subtle tonal differences between the two female backing vocalists.

It selects inputs, including the amplifier doesn't draw any attention to itself with anything other than Dodd Audio Midline tube preamplifier. Wyred 4 Sound is most known for their Class D amplifiers, so I also had them provide me with their STI-500 integrated amplifier to get the most out of their DAC. between the AC cords that I used with the STI-500. younger Johnny Cash breaks through, reminding us of just how familiar an The resistive volume control allowed me to find exactly the volume level The SX-1000 Series II also serves up musical detail with the aplomb of a sommelier uncorking a prize bottle. can pull-off many of these lyrics. While not a luxury remote, it does cover off the basic controls you’d expect to find.

That is, there was little to differentiate the sound I was

the simplicity of having a one box source, one box amplifier (being an Bel Canto was among the first high-end audio manufacturers to embrace switching amplifiers.

STI-500. The STI-500 even comes with high-quality rubber feet Its first products were single-end triode tube amplifiers, and although he no longer offers any SETs, John Stronczer, Bel Canto’s principal designer, still uses single-ended tube amps and live music as references for his latest ICE-based switching amplifiers. dragging chains across the floor during "Ain't No Grave" do their part,

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