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The problem is identifying them because just deleting any MSI or MSP file is a bad idea as it could be required for updating, patching, or uninstalling existing applications. Renee Undeleter - Recover deleted files and data. I wouldn’t move the WinSXS folder tho but the Installer folder doesn’t look like it needs to be on a fast SSD. I deleted the file. The C:\Windows\Installer folder is where some but not all applications uninstall files and folders are stored. In total, I’ve managed to literally DOUBLE the amount of free space on my C: drive. “KCleaner” is a good tool for cleaning Unnecessary Junk ! To have this problem solved is fantastic. If no future problems arise, it’s a lifesaver :), Patch Cleaner is not compatible with XP. Just moved 28 GB to another drive using Patch Cleaner. RELATED: What is the Windows.old Folder and How Do You Delete It? Jennifer Thatcher : Many Mac users will inevitably receive the notification “Your disk is almost full”. Moved the files to another HD for now as a test to see if my system decides to break without them. RELATED: Is It Safe to Delete Everything in Windows' Disk Cleanup? I was absolutely amazed! Required fields are marked *. After using Patch Cleaner be prepared for an extremely long boot. Mark. At such situation, you should immediately stop the cleanup process, and then recover the files via a data recovery software. Hopefully delete soon. The installation path is a URL that begins with "http:." Use the Browse button to locate a destination folder. Simple to explain really, Patch Cleaner came out long after this article was written. In File Explorer, right-click [Local Disk. All you need to do is extract the downloaded ZIP file, run the WICleanupUI.exe and click the Scan button. Chris Hoffman is Editor in Chief of How-To Geek. Get technical support now! Deleted them all.

3. I used Windows Installer Unused Files Cleanup Tool.

Don't delete any folders. Very helpful and straightforward instructions. winsxs is the space hogger and nonetheless, you have shown a way to saving 2GB of space from my SSD.

This was amazing! Windows 7 and Office 2013 were 2 years and 8 months ago installed and I’ve used both important and optional Windows Updates.

Well pleased. That’s mighty impressive I’d say! Here is a relatively simple solution to the problem.Background Information:The C:\Windows\Installer folder is where some but not all applications uninstall files and folders are stored. Thank you! After some searching I remembered having run Patch Cleaner.
What about recreating the Installer and winsxs directories on another drive and creating junctions in the original locations? Now it’s only 3GB. Thank you. To see the folder, you will need to select “Show hidden files, folders and drives” and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files” from the Folder Options in Control Panel. I didn’t bother with those tools, I just made a Junction and moved the Installer folder (taking up 8+ GB) to another drive. Heath Stewart over at blogs.msdn.com wrote a small VBScript a few years back that checks the system for registered patch files, and lists those that are. Never clean for 4 years on win7, it saved me 11gb … just safe my life!! Since 2011, Chris has written over 2,000 articles that have been read more than 500 million times---and that's just here at How-To Geek. Viewing the Property details of MSI and MSP files in the Installer folder could show that they are connected to software currently installed.

During the free Windows 10 upgrade period, Windows 7 and 8 automatically downloaded Windows 10 installation files and stored them in the $WINDOWS.~BT folder. Thanks! Just group select then click in any of the selected files check box. Recover files like photos, videos, contacts from Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android, For Windows & Mac For Android For iPhone, Part 1. Patch Cleaner. Absolutely worth it! This is percisely what is causing confusion. As for the installer files themselves, I'd be very selective and cautious about my choices. Rene.E Laboratory|Professional at data recovery, system backup, restore & migration, data encryption, etc. Error: 6. Retrying to uninstall the Visio Viewer work fine and the product was uninstalled. WARNING- decided needed to comment after seeing so many people removing the bulk of their windows folders. We would recommend you don’t manually delete files from the Installer folder anyway without some experience, and moving them to another folder just in case a problem occurs is more preferable. Warning: If you choose to delete the $WINDOWS.~BT folder on Windows 10, you won’t be able to downgrade to the previous build of Windows 10 or previous version of Windows your PC had installed. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. I found 1008 unused files taking up 50,8GB Look under the Devices and drives section and you will see the various drives configured on your system. mkdir d:\windows I also have the same problem.

My folder was about 7GB and now is only 1.7GB. It cleans the windows installer directory with one easy click. Preview the scan results and check the target files. Here is the Patch Cleaner thing over 1 year the comment is so i give up the comment an up !!! You can use an external USB drive but if the drive should fail then all is lost.

Just as usual, a good tweak to improve Windows 7 !!! What is your evidence that WICleanup has been compromised? Error enumerating Products key for S-1-5-21-598190838-2299067166-971484642-1000 user. Open a Command Prompt, type MsiZapU.exe G and press enter. Thanks. Simply launch the tool and it will run a scan and show the results in the window of what has been found. This seems to be a good tool to address the problem with the c:\windows\installer folder filling up with installation related files that are no longer needed. Others might be from software you have uninstalled or old versions that have since been replaced. You can use “Junction” instead of mklink: technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896768.aspx. http://superuser.com/questions/197148/i-deleted-windows-installer-folder-is-there-a-chance-to-repair, http://www.cypherhackz.net/archives/2009/04/19/delete-files-in-cwindowsinstaller/, http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/safe-deleted-files-c-windows-installer-t211705.html, Microsoft article saying that cleanup tool containing msizap.exe has been discontinued. Your solution is paying for software and then waiting an hour for it to complete its task! Click System Information on the left. RELATED: How to Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 7, 8, or 10. Before you simply go into the C:\Windows\Installer folder and start deleting files on your own to free up some space, there is a way to determine which files are orphaned and should be safe to delete.

I’m waiting to see how well it works before trying it on my other computer which may have as much as 80 GB of orphans! Roughly 200GB or data. When you agreed to the free upgrade, it could start quickly using the already downloaded installation files.The free upgrade period is now over, so you couldn’t use these files to upgrade to Windows 10 ev… Just remember to restore these files and folders before you try to uninstall any software. A little time has passed but I wondered if anyone else had this issue after using the WICleanup utility. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. goto wicleanup directory run wicleanup commandline version with -s (silent) option. The tool is available with The Windows Installer Clean Up Utility (Msicuu) which is basically a frontend for some of MsiZap’s commands. The $WINDOWS.~BT and $WINDOWS.~WS folders are associated with the Windows 10 upgrade process. After doing some research, I realised that the Windows Installer sub-folder was the main culprit (28GB in size!). He's written about technology for nearly a decade and was a PCWorld columnist for two years. Thanks for this article. Anyway I knew it was windows updates failing. I tried to download it elsewhere but had same result. Indications for where Windows 10 is installed are show in various places in the OS because it’s relevant when using certain features.
These programs will only work on 32bit installations (even then I suspect their +ve positive rate would be high). I deleted mine a long time ago, and it never seemed of any problem due to that. Are you sure your original folder size was 18GB??? Saved me tonnes of space! We’ve made a minor modification to output the registered entries to a text file instead. Just run “WICleanupC.EXE -s” in an Admin Console. Great help! Before you simply go into the C:\Windows\Installer folder and start deleting files on your own to free up some space, there is a way to determine which files are orphaned and should be safe to delete. I created this 100% free software. Some people have had no problems but others have had serious problems after removing files from this folder.

Very easy to use. Since we launched in 2006, our articles have been read more than 1 billion times. While testing we got an error on both Windows 7 and XP similar to the following although it did say it had cleared some orphaned files out. Download the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility and then extract it with 7-Zip to use the MsiZapU.exe. Join 350,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Over time this folder can grow to over a Gigabyte or more in size. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you have adequate space on another drive, it’s best to use the included option and move the files instead of directly deleting them. The files still used result is what it believes should be kept and the orphaned files are what can be removed because they are no longer required by any installed software.

Open the Control Panel and select System and Security. Cleaned up 29 GB in 10 minutes. Click on [. Control Panel – System Protection.

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