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Dakota: Yeah, security. (They see the giraffes running towards them and the whole tour group runs away from them. Milo: Mom! (Mr. Drako puts on the cape and laugh’s evilly) ♪ Strangled at the zoo. We gotta stop it before it his the river. Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow Dakota: Alright. Mummy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow Milo Murphy is the personification of Murphy’s Law where anything that can go wrong will go wrong. 2 Guyz N the Parque: ♪ Squirrels in my pants ♪. (The donation car hits a bump in the road and the clothes trailer becomes loose. (As Milo reaches into his backpack to get a butterfly net, he’s knock off balance by a branch. We're going to the zoo We're going to the zoo And then we're going to see some animals! Milo: Uh oh.

Milo: ...um. What are you doing here? Zack: Well, not anymore.

Cavendish: It's going to be a very long day. (Milo flashes back to when he was playing video games in the pyjamas. Zack: I'm too mesmerised by the thought of my own senseless demise! Milo: Even money.

We get to see actual live animals and...! Zack: If we were in Rome we would not be riding on the back of an ostrich. (They jump off the roof of the shops and pass the otter pen where Diogee is hanging out with the otters) There's squirrels in my pants.

Sara: Oh right. Cavendish: Oh yes. (The others jump onto the trailer as it starts accelerating down the steep slope) Watch Milo Murphy’s Law - Season 1: Episode 17: We're Going to the Zoo Full Episode with English subbed . Chorus: We're goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo How about you, you, you? That's my favourite tyre. He lands safely in a cart full of stuffed Pandas) We're going to the zoo, zoo zoo, See the elephant with the long trunk swinging Become A Better Singer In Only 30 Days, With Easy Video Lessons! milo murphys law, phineas and ferb, dan povenmire, jeff swampy marsh, disney xd, milo murphy, edward a murphy jr, murphys law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, school crossing guard, stop sign, disney, weird al yankovic, weird al, funny, silly, goofy It plays in every title sequence, and was first shown after the cold open of "Going the Extra Milo". So have you you you (The pistachio cart swerves in front of Milo and his ostrich jumps on top of it)

(Sara, Milo, and Zack walk out side and scream) ♪ Last.fm Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. Sara: Wow, those monkeys really know their vintage t-shirts. Milo: Here you go, sir. Do you think we could get them back? And we can stay all day, We're going to the zoo zoo zoo Here are today's pistachio protecting coordinates. Mr. Drako: Hmm. I thought we were just saying things. The enemy agent.

As the kids wait behind her the bus slowly lowers to allow her to drive onto the sidewalk. (Cavendish quickly grabs the telescope hanging around Dakota’s neck without releasing Dakota) Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. "We're Going to the Zoo" is a song from the Milo Murphy's Law episode of the same name.

A little higher please. Great big ears and a long trunk swinging Lyrics. (Cavendish and Dakota reach the destroyed pistachio cart) Zack: Hey, where's Melissa today? (Milo dumps the contents of the clothes box into a trough of other clothes. ♪ And then we’re gonna see some animals ♪ Dakota: Soccer mom, a slight wind, a... Her shirt's must have fallen in by mistake. ♪ We’re going to the zoo ♪ Their ostriches jump onto the roof of the passing shops and Milo tries to grab a shirt off a monkey but fails.) I want to see some ani... Obviously there's also pistachios in there.

Sitting in the car getting sleep sleep sleepy How do we get the t-shirts from the monkeys? Mock me. Zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow Milo hands it to Sara and she screams.) Those are all clean. Zack: Oh thank goodness, we landed on this much larger ski jump!

(As a staff member of a hardware store puts out a sale sign as the kids pass, he accidently knocks over a bin of umbrellas into a rack of bowling balls. Mr. Drako: You look like you're about to scream. What are the odds! (Dakota and Cavendish glance at each other) Mr. Block: I have complete confidence in your abilities, to bungle this assignment like every other one. https://milomurphyslaw.fandom.com/wiki/We%27re_Going_to_the_Zoo/Transcript?oldid=104345.

(Mr. Block appears on the screen) The zoo! Milo: The school needs these for the clothing donation drive by tomorrow so we gotta make some tough decisions. Milo: Stop the bus! The Tour Guide tries to jump over a fence but a giraffe launches him through the air. (An old lady blocks the door with her scooter. Milo: There's no time to lose! The kids are thrown off the trailer into the grass and the trailer ends up in a tree. If I win, you stuff your pants full of pistachios and dance to the zoo song. Dakota: Forget that. Cavendish: Eh, that's true. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. (Sara, Milo, and Zack shake with shock) Where is he! Milo: After them guys! Who knew that giraffes liked pistachios. We can stay all day, See the all the monkeys, a scritch scritch scratching Dakota: And it's backwards so, you know, no one will guess it. Look, a black cape, like I'm a super hero that's evil! Milo: She said she had to study. Sara: You didn't. Like that. (A member of the tour group lands on top of him. Milo: That's the spirit. We're going to the zoo (A wheel of the trailer rolls off and it starts rocking) As he rummages around in them his shacking knocks a basketball into a suitcase labelled "Mom’s Memorabilia". Cavendish: The pistachios! If we hit the water, grab the swag and swim for shore. Milo: What? (The elephant falls and knocks over the out of service sky train pylons), ♪ We’re going to the zoo ♪

Sara: Mulching centre! It's My World (And We're All Living in It) (also known as simply It's My World) is the theme song for the Disney XD animated series Milo Murphy's Law. Zack: How did this get worse? There's squirrels, in my pants ...and pistachios. ♪ We’re going to the zoo ♪ We have stayed all day, We've been to the zoo zoo zoo Tour guide: I'm ok. Unless we were at a zoo in Rome that had a flightless birds collection.

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Dakota: Happy for us. (The next day, many people are donating there clothes at the "Tri-State Clothing Donation Drive")

(Sara thinks back to a conversation with Brigette while she’s holding a t-shirt) The donation trailer pulls out ahead of them.) Brigette: Tuna casserole! P. A. S. S. W. O. R. D. Zack: Piece of cake. (Milo grabs a bottle from his backpack and puts a bit of it’s contents on himself. A fast moving flaming object crashes outside and destroys a wall right next to Milo. (They all scream as they fly over the river and into the Animal Sanctuary Zoo. I'm storing the give-aways in your closet to keep them away from Diogee! ♪ The manager checks the trough and takes out Brigette’s empty suitcase.) I don't know that he's an actual agent. Daddy's takin' us to the zoo tomorrow, Zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow Daddy's takin' us to the zoo tomorrow And we can stay all day We're goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo How about you, you, you? They're mulched, and shredded, and the material is used to make replicas of vintage t-shirts. Daddy's takin' us to the zoo tomorrow, Zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow Daddy's takin' us to the zoo tomorrow And we can stay all day! Milo: No problem, we follow the truck to the mulching centre, grab the shirts, then we’re gold. Sara: It's the donation trailer! (Diogee emerges from underneath Brigette’s bed and jumps into the clothes box again. Milo: In retrospect, I hadn't thought this through. You know you want to. Dakota: Na, it's Drowssap backwards. (Zack starts pulling out clothes) ♪ We’re going to the zoo. Besides, I just got this replica of a vintage t-shirt for the party tonight, made from recycled old shirts, except it's new. ♪ We’re going to the zoo ♪ All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. (The coordinates are printed by the booth) (They run off with all the vintage t-shirts in their suitcase) Brigette: I was looking everywhere for these. (They look up to see the trailer heading straight towards them) Yeah, see. Milo: They're getting away. Dakota: I am. Cavendish: No one will guess that. Cavendish: Dakota, save the pistachios! Those t-shirts are important to Mom. How about you you you Dakota: Yeah, hopefully. Mr. Drako: I volunteer on weekends. (Zack and Sara look at him questioningly) Sara: Done deal. Come on. (They lunge out of the way of the trailer) That's what I'm talking about. Who else could undermine our every effort with such precision? Sara: We gotta get them back now guys! Dakota: Yes! It rolls down it and is lunched into the air.) Brigette: These t-shirts are so important to me. (The bus raises a bit and the Old Lay drives off. You can come to to to They're gone! (Milo’s ostrich backflips off the pistachio cart and lands with Zack and Sara) On member dives behind a rack of merchandise. ♪ We’re going to the zoo ♪ Strangled at the zoo. (Zack pulls out a knock out gas gun and launches two shots. Zack: Wow. We're going to the zoo zoo zoo How about you you you You can come to to to We're going to the zoo, zoo zoo. Brigette: Yeah, But I'm not 22 anymore. Sara: No, I mean why are they teal?

... "We're Going to the Zoo" is a song from the Milo Murphy's Law episode of the same name. Guest Characters: Phineas Flynn • Ferb Fletcher • Candace Flynn • Baljeet Tjinder • Buford Van Stomm • Isabella Garcia-Shapiro • Linda Flynn-Fletcher • Lawrence Fletcher • Irving Du Bois • Giant Floating Baby Head. Sara: Wait, how are we supposed to stop it now? v - e - d. Media; Milo Murphy's Law: Characters; Too slow. Cavendish: Of course he is! (Sara, Milo, and Zack peddle frantically on their bikes.

Well we stayed all day and we're getting sleep Sitting in the car getting sleep sleep sleepy Home already sleep sleep sleepy We have stayed all day. Milo: Aaaaahh... Milo: No sweat. Sara: Give away Mom's collection of rock concert t-shirts!

Dakota: I bet we don't even see him this time. Cavendish: Drowssap? Zack, Sara, and Milo reach a ledge next to some ostriches and watch the monkeys getting away on the giraffes.)

(Cavendish leans on their pistachio cart as he looks through his telescope) (Melissa continues to relax in a wading pool with Diogee) We have 10 minutes left! You can help Disney Wiki by expanding it. Dakota: Ah, you know, that was just a theory. Al Yankovic sings it from the point-of-view of his character on the show, the titular Milo Murphy. Dakota: Drowssap, it's my mothers maiden name. Probably what attracted the squirrels.

Milo: The crow flies in square circles. We’re home! He just loves otters.

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