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There’s a clear political dimension to these attitudes. And majorities of urban and rural residents say people who don’t live in their type of community have a negative view of those who do. IF that were a valid standard today then pretty much everything in California would be urban. About seven-in-ten rural residents (71%), and somewhat narrower majorities in suburban (61%) and urban (57%) communities, say rural areas receive less than their fair share of federal dollars. About half of rural residents (47%) say they live in or near the community where they grew up, including about a quarter (26%) who say they have always lived there. Of course, I reference in the report that the Census Bureau is the source of the rating of Urban or Suburban.As this relates to Dallas versus Plano, parts, or neighborhoods, of each city are Urban and parts are Suburban, and Dallas even has a few neighborhoods in the southeast area that are Rural. A new residential neighborhood is under development in this area, and it is several miles from the city center, adjacent to agricultural uses and small homes on acreage. These areas are considered ideal for buying residential property because people can live close enough to the city while avoiding the downsides, like traffic, pollution, and crowding. In Metropolitan Los Angeles, as well as the (separate) San Fernando Valley area of the City of Los Angeles we DO have primarily residential neighborhoods with no  cross traffic or commercial influences. Rural and suburban adults are somewhat more rooted in their local areas, but substantial shares in cities, suburbs and rural areas say they have lived in their communities for more than 10 years. As a group, rural counties skew older than suburban and urban counties: 18% of rural residents are 65 or older vs. 15% in suburban and small metro counties and 13% in cities. The study also includes a detailed analysis of demographic trends in urban, rural and suburban counties.
AGA, MNAA, Accredited Green Appraiser - Licensed in WA State since 2003. Nonwhites include blacks, Hispanics, other races and people who identify with more than one race. Against this backdrop, a new Pew Research Center survey finds that many urban and rural residents feel misunderstood and looked down on by Americans living in other types of communities. Among urban dwellers who say they would like to move, similar shares say they would like to stay in an urban area (28%) as say they would like to move to a rural community (30%). We also have easily defined areas that are more urban in character; high rise residential dwellings; commercial corridors predominating, strip retail and or offices nearby (very nearby). Generation Xers include those who are ages 38 to 53, Baby Boomers include those who are 54 to 72 and members of the Silent Generation include those ages 73 to 90. These definitions are somewhat lacking given the urban/suburban sprawl that has characterized many cities in the US. About four-in-ten of those who left and came back (42%) and 35% of those who have lived in or near the same community their entire lives say they have done so to be near family. “High school” refers to those who have a high school diploma or its equivalent, such as a General Education Development (GED) certificate. I challenge someone to argue with the government’s definition. Do not reproduce without permission of authors. Conversely, Democrats in suburban and rural areas are far more likely than their Republican counterparts to say most people who live in cities share their values. How urban, suburban and rural residents interact with their neighbors, 7.

About seven-in-ten adults who have lived in their community more than a decade (69%) say they feel very or somewhat attached to their local community, compared with 54% of those who have lived in their community six to 10 years and 44% of those who have done so less than six years. How people in urban, suburban and rural communities see each other – and say others see them, 4. Long ago I read in a FNMA or Harrison Guide, (can’t remember which) that an urban area was one in which the population was 25,000 or more. About half of adults who have always lived in or near the community where they grew up (52%) say all or most of their extended family members live within an hour’s drive from them, compared with 38% of those who moved away and returned, and even smaller shares of those who don’t live in or near the community where they grew up (17%). About a third of U.S. adults (32%) say they would want to move to a different community if they could, while 37% say they would not want to move and 31% aren’t sure. See more. And urban residents place a much higher priority on living in a community that is racially and ethnically diverse than do those in suburban and rural areas: 70% of city dwellers say this is very or somewhat important to them, compared with a narrower majority of those in suburbs (59%) and about half in rural areas (52%). For example, rural adults are more likely than their urban and suburban counterparts to say access to public transportation and to high-speed internet are major problems.

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