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The average cobra or rattlesnake weighs about 10 pounds and can easily fit into a small suitcase. Titanoboa: Monster Snake. ", The 50-Foot-Long, 2,000-Pound Giant Prehistoric Snake, Titanoboa, Bob Strauss is a science writer and the author of several books, including "The Big Book of What, How and Why" and "A Field Guide to the Dinosaurs of North America. Volterra: Home to Three Civilizations and the World’s First Witch, Psusennes, the Silver Pharaoh with riches that rivalled those of Tutankhamun, The Graveyard Prostitutes of Rome and Beyond, El Tajín, The Lost City of a Mysterious People, The Reog Ponorogo: A Dance of Rebellion Which Changed History, An Exceptional Medieval Irish Book Returns to Ireland, Beyond Violence: Examining UK Viking Families and their Artifacts, The Widespread Appearance of Neanderthal DNA: Africans Have It Too, Ancient Anomalous Human Skeletons: Humanity Could be Much Older Than We Think. This time, a snake skull was found. Titanoboa, the World's Biggest Prehistoric Snake. The snake’s enormous size is thought to be closely tied to the climate of the Paleocene. He sent photos of it to another expert, Jonathan Bloch, a paleontologist at the University of Florida. That is one of those documentaries that i … Titanoboa, (Titanoboa cerrejonensis), extinct snake that lived during the Paleocene Epoch (66 million to 56 million years ago), considered to be the largest known member of the suborder Serpentes. Scared yet? But remarkably, over the next few years, the team uncovered the remains of 28 enormous serpents and not one but three skull fragments, allowing them to piece together a full-scale replica of a snake so large and so frightening that it left no doubt about its place in the new jungles of the world. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. The presence of such a large number of individuals displaying the same gigantic proportions demonstrates that 13-metre lengths were probably the norm for adults of this species. Titanoboa, meaning "Titanic Boa," was a very large genus of snake that lived approximately 60–58 million years ago, during the Paleocene epoch, a 5-million-year period immediately following the Cretaceous extinction event. Titanoboa was thicker toward the center of its trunk than it was at either end, reaching a maximum diameter of three feet. South America recovered fairly quickly from the plunging global temperatures in the wake of the K/T Extinction, when a giant meteor is believed to have struck the Yucatan, throwing up clouds of dust that obscured the sun and rendered dinosaurs extinct. Modern anacondas hunt by wrapping themselves around their prey and constricting them to death. (darkwaterlilly/ Deviant Art ), Gugliotta, G., 2012. Top Image: Titanoboa. 150,000-Year-Old Pipes Baffle Scientists in China: Out of Place in Time? It is estimated that Titanoboa may have had more than 250 vertebrae. In the summer of 1930, a series of newspaper articles appeared describing a most sensational discovery: a race of gigantic beings unearthed from two burial mounds in Doddridge County, West Virginia. Textured by Margarita Kuleshova. Breeding. Then its reputation was eclipsed by the even bigger titanoboa, which predated it by 40 million years. Ectothermic animals rely on external heat sources for their energy. Anacondas rarely reach more than 20 feet in length or … In the hot, humid jungle, Titanoboa fit right in: its brown skin camouflaged it perfectly as it slunk through muddy waters. During the Paleocene epoch, modern-day Peru and Colombia had tropical climates, and cold-blooded reptiles such as titanoboa tended to grow much larger in the high humidity and average temperatures in the '90s. Wikimedia CommonsImagine that alligator tail is your arm. Updates? History often brings the migrations of faraway peoples, which is how the Indo-Europeans merged with the proto-populations of Old Europe. It simply has no equal among modern snakes. Most specimens are made up of vertebrae and ribs, which is typical of snake fossils. And while some people may seem content with the story as it stands, our view is that there exists countless mysteries, scientific anomalies and surprising artifacts that have yet to be discovered and explained. To maintain normal growth, snakes must have the proper amount of warmth. Titanoboa, much like anaconda, hunted submerged under the water surface, lifting its head above the water, lying in wait for its prey. Artistic representation of Titanoboa. The green anaconda is a massive snake at 5.2 m (17.1 ft) in length and yet it looks like a child compared to the monstrous 12.8 m (42 ft) titanoboa. It lived during the Paleocene epoch, about 60 million years ago, so you are safe from its bone crushing grip now, but the image of the huge prehistoric snake slithering around South America is still a terrifying one. They also uncovered a massive vertebra — a vertebra far too large to belong to any jungle serpent on record. The genetic background of modern day Europe can often be a complicated topic to talk about. Eventually, a total of 100 snake vertebrae from 28 animals were collected. That was Gigantophis, a snake that lived 20 million years ago in Africa. Plant fossils suggest that the temperature of its jungle habitat averaged a humid 90 degrees — and may well have been hotter. Titanoboa Vs Megalodon. At its thickest point, Titanoboa was three feet wide, which is longer than a human arm. Post Your Views In The Comments. The goal of Ancient Origins is to highlight recent archaeological discoveries, peer-reviewed academic research and evidence, as well as offering alternative viewpoints and explanations of science, archaeology, mythology, religion and history around the globe. More digging uncovered remarkable specimens: giant turtles and crocodiles, and some of the first bananas, avocados, and bean plants that ever sprouted on planet earth. https://www.britannica.com/animal/Titanoboa, Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service - Titanoboa. No living snake has ever been found with a verified length in excess of 9.6 metres (about 31.5 feet). The average cobra or rattlesnake weighs about 10 pounds and can easily fit into a small suitcase. Fossils of Titanoboa have been found in the Cerrejón Formation, and date to around 58 to 60 million years ago. We seek to retell the story of our beginnings. How Do Crocodiles Resemble Their Dinosaur Cousins? The discovery was an intriguing one: it suggested that once upon a time, the area had been home to a sprawling jungle. You might assume from its name that the "titanic boa" hunted like a modern-day boa constrictor, wrapping itself around its prey and squeezing until its victim suffocated. Titanoboa probably didn’t do that. See more ideas about Anaconda, Prehistoric, Prehistoric creatures. Anacondas rarely reach more than 20 feet in length or weigh more than 500 pounds. Most of the plus-size reptiles in titanoboa's habitat were algae-colored and difficult to see against the landscape, making it easier to find dinner. If it’s always hot, a cold-blooded creature’s metabolism will run at maximum efficiency — allowing them to dedicate that extra energy to growing larger and sustaining a larger body. Titanoboa fossils show it was the largest snake in the world. The remains of approximately 30 individuals have been recovered. It's not inconceivable that these giant reptiles mixed it up occasionally, by accident or when they were especially hungry. Largest snake the world has ever seen is being brought back to life by Smithsonian Channel. Ancient Origins © 2013 - 2020Disclaimer - Terms of Publication - Privacy Policy & Cookies - Advertising Policy - Submissions - We Give Back - Contact us. At least one nearly complete specimen with a skull has been recovered. [Online]Available at: https://insider.si.edu/2012/03/largest-snake-the-world-has-ever-seen-is-being-brought-back-to-life-by-smithsonian-channel/, Smithsonian Institution, 2017. Yawn-fest compared to Titanoboa. The mammals of the Paleocene epoch had yet to evolve to giant sizes, which happened 20 million years later. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. 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