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They get some food, hit up the barbershop and visit a drinking fountain that was segregated, so one for whites and one for blacks. Kevin leaves Randall to an image he’s clearly played in his head over and over. Stepping away from the kids, she insists Jack listen to her since she knows the city. ", While the episode does mark the end of William in the present day, it won't be the last you see of the actor. Then Randall said they have a whole produce section with them thanks to Beth, who left them instructions too. September 21, 2016 at 12:55 PM EDT Advertisement. As they arrive at Melvin’s Place, we go back to William and his mother is not doing well, so he has to go visit her. The first season of the American television series This Is Us follows the family lives and … Back to the car, William mentions a restaurant and he hopes they are open so Randall can get something. [The producers] kept giving me metaphors like, "You know, the show is shot in flashbacks." AMENDS AND A BAND | In William’s memory, we see his mom staying in Pittsburgh and getting a job while he continues to live a lonely, straitlaced life in Memphis. (Kate, who’s post-breakup with Mark, stays home.). When Sophie mentions Kevin studying his “craft,” Randall rolls his eyes. We see them hanging out more and more and partying and she is doing drugs with friends. He tells Randall to roll down the windows, grow out that afro, let someone else make his bed. After the performance on This Is Us Season 1, we see his cousin with some women and he wants William to come out and celebrate with them and have some fun. I'm so thrilled you'll be back. You’re healthy!” [Laughs.] ", Still, that doesn't take away the pain that Randall must endure—or how his two little girls and wife will react when he tells them the news. William talks about having a rough life and not-so-good life, but he had the two best people in life be the first person in his life and the last. For the rest of us, it affects our lives, and we carry it with us. They end up talking about Kevin’s set-up attempt, then about Jack’s death, Kirby’s divorce, and how they and their kids should feel about moving on. By Amy Wilkinson. Kevin flies Rebecca first class to New York for the premiere and gets her a room at the Plaza Hotel. It looks like bad news, but we won’t find out right now! Kevin follows. Enjoy life, as he deserves it. Everyone’s happy. I also have no gray. ROAD TRIPPIN’ | We open at Randall’s psychiatrist’s office, where Beth is putting up a strenuous and multi-tiered objection to her husband’s desire to drive William back to his birthplace of Memphis. Rebecca initially defends Randall, but when the boys continue to bicker, she angrily storms off. When the boys find Rebecca, she’s staring at a painting of a woman in a black dress. Today’s biggest stories, from pop culture to politics—delivered straight to your inbox. Then he goes off to war and she gets the knock on the door, as his father died in the war. The next morning comes and Randall made his bed on This Is Us Season 1 and calling for William, as he said they had a fun night and he let him sleep in. But when William’s mom becomes quite ill, he has to borrow some money from his cousin and travel to Pennsylvania… where it’s clear that William’s mama is dying. If it's any solace, Cephas Jones will return to This Is Us in season two, thanks to the show's use of flashbacks. Interior Design for Small Spaces: 5 Super Duper Strategies, 9 Best Ways to Smoke Weed for Maximum Cool Points, How Long Does It Take for Marijuana to Be out of Your System, How to Smile Better: The Best Ways to Improve Your Smile, The Fosters Season 4 Recap: 4.14: Doors and Windows, Switched at Birth Season 5 Recap: 5.4: Relation of Lines and Colors, Well That’s Not Right…12 Things Medical TV Shows Get Wrong, The Hottest Male Celebrities and TV Stars to Spice Up Your Screen, 13 Must Watch TV Series You’ll Want to Binge Right Now, who got eliminated on dancing with the stars, The Blacklist Season 3 Recap: 3.6: Sir Crispin Crandall. Me, Sterling [K. Brown], and Susan [Kelechi Watson]—I remember us walking out of the building after the table read, and one of us was waiting for the other to confirm what we just read. Glamour: Yeah, I wanted to see the boyfriend, Jesse, come back again.

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