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It's amazing the things that were going on that no one ever had any idea about. This is a fascinating tale about people who smuggle reptiles, especially rare reptiles, into this country to satisfy what seems a frighteningly insatiable demand. The reptile dealers in this book make thousands of dollars from rare reptiles. Let your voice be heard! Would you like to proceed to the App store to download the Waterstones App? by I know I never thought about it back then. ; This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. Perfect for those looking for a scary Halloween tale that won’t leave them with more fears than they started with. Ray Van Nostrand is nuts about reptiles. They don't care if the reptiles are endangered- they make even more money the rarer they are. We cannot guarantee that The Lizard Queen Book Three book is available. ; Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. And I could've read an entire book about Mr. Wong, but instead his story feels almost like it was put in there to add more words. Doug MacLeod People scatter in fear, planes fly overhead, all while the lizard remains mostly unperturbed. After all, few of us have the wherewithal to keep a tiger or even a hyena, but an albino python.... For a person like myself, with minimal interest in the herpetoculture, the real fascination here is yet another example of the law of unintended consequences, where laws passed to protect rare species actually makes possessing them more. 4 Pages / Sheet; 2 Pages / Sheet; 1 Page / Sheet; Share on Pinterest.
I definitely have a better appreciation for the uphill battle the agents in the US Fish & Wildlife Service have on a daily basis. Obsessed with his ex-girlfriend, Alistair Haston heads off to Greece, where she is on holiday. Not as an engaging as others I've read but an ok read. Extremely interesting, but there is one sad description of snakes used to smuggle cocaine that I can't get out of my head, even several years later. ; Make Your Own Book. In the morning, though, he’s wearing green! Craig Smith Like the story itself, the translation challenges readers with sophisticated vocabulary. Who knew the world of reptile sales was so fraught with crime? I had known a little about the Philadelphia Reptile Exchange as it fits into the sketchy history of zoos as a whole, but I'd never investigated the people or the system involved in any depth, which this book does very well. Then I was just a twenty something who dreamed of owning some of the things on those lists (without the cash, I did a lot of dreaming). Dimensions: 240 x 162 x 28 mm, I’ve just finished this book in a day as I couldn’t put it down, you just want to know what’s going to happen next! Great book. Importers of endangered illegal species make millions and risk slaps on the wrist at most. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It's amazing the things that were going on that no one ever had any idea about. The cover illustration depicts a slimy green lizard hatching out of an egg. Short staffed and with little or no money, they are trying to stop the trade in smuggling. You actually feel you are in Greece in the middle of all that is going on. ‧

I would have liked to learn more about what happened to animals after they left the dealers' hands, but the focus of the book was intended to be the conflict between the individuals involved, with the system as a whole mostly used as backdrop. Look for ready guffaws from young audiences, whether read or sung, though those attuned to disability stereotypes may find themselves wincing instead or as well. But then just a few pages later I was hooked. Unfortunately, it didn't fully live up to expectations. RELEASE DATE: Oct. 22, 2019.

However, I’ve found out over the past ten years that Twelve Publishers prints some damn interesting material, so ‘The Lizard King’ attracted my attention. Fascinating true-crime account of reptile smuggling worldwide. I couldn't believe how much the reptile smugglers make in America and it was disgusting to learn how these critters are smuggled into our country. This book was an absolutely fascinating look at illegal exotic reptile trafficking. ‧ Print This Book (it'll print full page) Change the Template.

Impressive research. Swept away on a tide of wild parties, wild sex, fine food and drugs Haston sheds his reserve and throws himself headlong into the pursuit of pleasure. Having looked at Strictly's price lists during the time frame this all went down, I felt like I was a part of this story. This is nonfiction at i. Still, the sometimes mixed narrative shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this weird section of American history. José Saramago
I don't understand how someone can be cruel to animals and I don't understand how anyone can keep wild animals for pets. I enjoyed this unusual true crime book very much with its colorful cast of characters.

We’d love your help. More, What a roller coaster of a read. Refresh and try again. Click download or Read Online button to get book, you can choose FREE Trial service. Bryan Christy--one of the best true-crime authors writing about crimes committed against nature, and particularly animals. I liked the special federal agent who spent his life trying to nail down the Lizard King, but that didn't come into focus until the end of the book. It was extremely sad to me that the people fighting the exploitation of reptiles and, in fact, all wildlife, have so little clout in the legal arena. illustrated by Unfortunately there has been a problem with your order, Please try again or alternatively you can contact your chosen shop on. There were several points in the book where I couldn't help but feel the absence of this discussion. Stilted writing. You end up wondering why some of the people in this book would be willing to reveal so much about themselves, especially Mike Van Nostrand.

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