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they have received so much. However, The rejection within herself creates problems in her relationships with the child. suicidal at my best. 0 my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths" (Isaiah 3:12). have a spirit deciding to be something different to cope with a new One who feels rejected wants to feel important. This generation actually inherited their rejection in The war The spirit of rejection also refers to the residue within our personality of being deeply wounded. This lady had suffered with neck pains, and through prayer God healed her from a spirit of rejection (which she had received in the womb), and as the spirit left, so did the burden upon her neck.. Hallelujah, praise God. Love is the opposite of Rejection. 8. Rejection is such a common malady that it is found everywhere to some degree or another. The child is caught up in the conflict between the parents and becomes its chief victim. 12:3 (Not to think of himself more highly) Would not get rejected! Watch how your children have your same bad habits! Clearly the spiritual forces behind freemasonry were active in Can you love others? (It is a feeling within - it is agony within - it is a starvation of love - it is insecurity - it is inferiority - it is fantasy - it is unreality - it is all on the inside - "I don't share in this."). Matt. It commonly begins in childhood or infancy and sometimes while the child is yet in his mother's womb. Of course there are varying degrees of schizophrenia. rejection. This might be why young people operate in mobs. self esteem. done for them was interpreted through inherited rejection, so it was all Sex is not love; did you know that? parents of this generation are confused by this. THERE IS NO HATE, MALICE, RACISM, ETC. Proverbs 18:14, KEVIN DEXTER MINISTRY HEALING & DELIVERANCE. There is a demonic entity called Witchcraft Control and he is able to bind other spirits in a person, particularly those involving habits such as smoking, drinking and sexual lapses. A demon called Ugliness is found in many persons. 2. they had known, so they worked extremely hard. 18:18; Mark 16:17-18). he finally convinced me. This lady poured out her woes to us earlier; how she felt for a long time, persecuted by the people around her. Discovery of an out-of-wedlock pregnancy usually results in anger, upset and dismay in the parents of their child. Did you know that you can be rejected by your parents while you are in the womb? However, over the last few years the influence of freemasonry has They look younger, softer and more relaxd. I Peter 4:12 (Fiery trial) We go through many trials! provided the answer. The schizophrenic mother feels rejection. THE ROOTS OF REJECTION (EXCERPTS) - As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. 6. boom generation had a good life, but they did not receive the love they busy being successful, that their children, felt rejected. ON THIS SITE. Rejection from the Womb enters the fetus before birth. Over and over people have reported life-long trouble by seemingly groundless but crippling rejection and various kinds of fears. Perhaps you have noticed that people very often look ten to twenty years younger in their casket than when alive. Moreover, this indulgence has a hook in the Curse and spirits of rejection ("My parents don't love me" or "I can't even talk to them etc."). all Western countries through most of the twentieth century. situation.. needed, because they felt their parents tied love to performance. The Lord has graciously given to Frank and Ida Mae Hammond a special revelation on the problem which enables us to deal with such cases more effectively. We didn't capture it on camera but when she came to, she was beaming brightly from the touch of the Lord! Finally, to escape the wife! The progression of destruction in the life of a female child is much the same as that of the boy, except that she will consciously or unconsciously absorb and manifest the same attitudes and spirits which drive her mother. REJECTION From the Womb From the Womb some are under Rejection. sunk it’s root in me. failure to meet the consequent expectations, just adds to the rejection. It felt like something was leaving me but it looked like just a breath. Heaviness makes the heart stoop but a good word makes it glad ... rejection from the womb. All legal holds and legal grounds must be taken from the enemy in the name of JESUS. Rom. I would estimate that as many as one fourth of those who come to us for DELIVERANCE are found to have the schizophrenic pattern. When this wound occurs, the devil is quick to take advantage of it. JESUS IS THE DELIVERER!! 5:3 (Rejected are "poor in spirit") Do you feel poorly? Their parents have given them everything and run knew that they were still working, but I did not know how. can change over time. GENERAL - Rejection includes fear of rejection and self-rejection in this common demon family. And all her feelings of rejection and sadness left her! the freemasons was part of being successful). reason is simple. There are many "doors" that lead to rejection. Shallow relationships are safer, because they do not risk rejection. We prayed for this lady and broke the generational curses of rejection and called out all those spirits causing her pain, sadness and sorrow so that she would stand strong in Christ, in the love of God. rejection. Rejection depicts a withdrawn type personality. baby boomers passed a spirit of rejection onto their children at birth. tail. They can be part of a group, without the risk of rejection that comes with commitment to another person. not feel the same appeal. Frustrated by his lack of leadership and her inability to respect him as a man, the woman (who herself may have inherited curses of dominance) begins to take over and direct the home by the Jezebel spirit. The spirit of rejection manifests in many ways; 1) They fight back and open a door to rebellion, (becoming a persecutor) they seek attention by mischief. from within my mothers womb. Then I received a newsletter about the spirit of rejection that Over and over people have reported life-long trouble by seemingly groundless but crippling rejection and various kinds of fears. A friend who was observing said that my arms were tightly by my sides and my legs were firmly together but making the motion of like a snake, as in trying to slither onto the floor from the sofa, but as he prayed I felt something rising up from my stomach, through my body, and then I coughed out. Why should an indulged Do you feel inferior? I Cor. Schizophrenia always begins with Rejection! their previous method becomes ineffective. generation feel so rejected? I had been puzzling about freemasonry for some time. It may have been the wrong sex desired by one or both parents. Did you want your children and were they the right sex? The demons will pick out one or more of her children to feed down through. Prayer is a very powerful weapon in the fight against rejection. THESE ARE SINS IN THE EYES OF GOD, AND ARE ALSO DEMONS. There is a definite pattern to the entrance of Rejection, which in turn opens the door for Rebellion: 1. The curse of Rejection from the Womb has opened the door for many tormenting spirits in scores of people with whom we have dealt. He asked me to join them, but I just wanted to be by myself. around after them. There is also Rejection from Father and Rejection from Mother. if not for my daughter. As he did, I felt my body tense up and, in my mind was a sensation of just wanting to get to the lowest point in the room. 5:43-44 (Love your enemies) Would solve a lot of your problems! Hallelujah! An unwanted pregnancy because of illegitimacy, economic hardships or marital upset marks the infant with rejection. 7. 5:14-15 (Not live unto themselves) Be generous and think of others! James 1:5-8 (Double-minded man) Will not receive anything from God! SEE INDEX FOR MORE ARTICLES. often unwilling to commit, because they fear being rejected again. generation were rejected by their leaders but ignored it, because they Father is the priest and head of the home! They wanted to provide their children with a better life than All of a sudden my mind became so clear and I was filled with such a joy and peace as Kev continued to pray for me to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Everyone working in DELIVERANCE should read Pigs in the Parlor by Frank Hammond, with particular attention to the chapter on Schizophrenia. Then he asked if I was ok and if I wanted to talk about it, to which I said that I didn’t really know what was wrong, but I just felt unsettled, and so he offered to pray for me. the womb, so they were not able to receive love from their parents. Shallow relationships are safer, because they do not risk The person who has a deep sense of rejection feels insecure and inferior. This might be why adds to the hurt they feel. As soon as the lies from that unclean spirit in my head had stopped, Kev helped me to start believing the truth that God had sent His Son, Jesus, to pay a one-off payment for the sin of man’s rebellion to redeem and adopt me as His own, and there is nothing that I can do by myself to repair or pay for my earthly parents’ mistakes. -at FGB Sri Hartamas, KL, Malaysia. The child is opened for rejection by the mother's instability. The home too. that he has chosen me. they loved their children, but they rarely spoke the words. They Parental rejection due to the wrong sex sometimes causes boys to become effeminate, and girls to become masculine. I will go out and be a lying spirit in the mouths of all his young people operate in mobs. declined, as the older generation died and the younger generations did 6:4 (Fathers do not provoke children) Not the mothers! He asked me to sit down and relax and told me that he was going to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to me why I felt the way I did, and immediately after he had asked, I was shown a vision from the past, to a time when I was about five years old, when my natural parents gave me away for adoption.

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