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The Earl of Cardigan claims he lost £50,000 in rent, Doherty once invited an MTV film crew into the country home, Pete Doherty caused damage to the property, He has fallen out with his daughter, Bo Bruce, who famously appeared on The Voice. “We did try having that up here, on these stairs,” says Hughes Davies, gesturing to the lobby. “Spongy floorboards, sticky walls, generally tired. The Duke Of Clarence: Now sadly closed as a music pub, The Duke of Clarence on Rotherfield Road in Islington was often frequented by the band, and became home to a sweaty and legendary show. cabinet for '£16 million Netflix deal', Pensioner and her leg treated at hospitals six miles apart, Seven stowaways who 'hijacked' an oil tanker off the Isle of Wight released on bail, Armenia's prime minister calls for Russian peacekeepers to halt war in Nagorno Karabakh, NHS Covid app risk level changed to force more people into self-isolation. 30 January - LONDON, The O2. They had dinner here, and Carl was sitting near them and they had no idea who he was.”. They were just looking for a nice place in Margate with nice food. Forget a late check-out – at The Libertines’ premier inn, you might never check out. The mixing desk alone was, like, 80 grand.”. For Carl Barât, he’s happy to be The Albion Rooms’ groovy Basil Fawlty for the monent. 25 January - NOTTINHAM, Capital FM Arena So there’s been a lot of botching. The money they’ve blown on that place is insane. It would later lend itself to a Libs documentary shot by Sargent. 21 January - GLASGOW, SSE Hydro Arena For tickets and more information, visit here. And all topped off with a thin-yet-trenchant slice of Kentish blue cheese. I’d love to round off the evening with a visit to the shadowy basement bar, The Waste Land, for a nightcap. “Basically I was a massive wreckhead so I stopped drinking. “Since the guys bought it, they’ve had people messaging on Facebook constantly: when are you opening, when are you opening…?’ So to have them completely delighted to actually be in the building was really nice.”. It’s no secret that the Doherty’s battles with addiction are, and perhaps always will be, a work-in-progress. “Yeah, that is another worry: that people will come here, expecting to see me ­– ‘what a swizz, I didn’t see a Libertine!’ And they’ll be gutted when I’m not sitting in that chair in that corner all the time. He’s all hugs, curls, charisma, car-dealer’s coat and decaf coffee-buzz. “Oh, it’s the best! The last time I talked to The Libertines for the Telegraph, chaos reigned then, too. Where formerly there were chaotically brilliant gigs, teenage mania, tabloid brouhahas often involving Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss, and a few too many run-ins with the law and/or rehab, now there’s a five-storey Victorian building housing rooms “curated” by luxury interior designers, an artist-in-residence, literary and poetry events and, tucked in the back, a state-of-the-art recording studio. “We had about 12 people in their 70s here – before the six-person rule came in – discussing literature and poetry. Rooms start at £114. “Yes, I’m the boring, sensible, not-artsy one round here,” adds this hotel industry professional who, she’ll freely admit, wasn’t exactly a fan of the band beforehand. And I see people being happy, and a buzz, and I have a bit of publican pride.”, The Albion Rooms, by the way, was the name of Pete Doherty and Carl Barât’s first flat together in Camden, north London. Having him be “mine host” for a night or two might not always go to plan. Indeed, as Barât, Hughes Davies and I are talking, in bowls Jack Jones, singer with up-and-coming Welsh band Trampolene [sic], who are one of the first bands to book into the recording space. The Lark in the Park: A quite humble gig venue on the surface, that played host to a raucous tiny show back in April 2003 - just as the band were REALLY exploding. Pete Doherty has asked that fans please stop attempting to visit him at his home in France, after his address was recently revealed. She obtained a restraining order banning him from attending his first wife’s funeral in 2012. ), In light of that Barât, as ever the voice of reason, later clarified to me why Doherty was giving the band another go. So it was just chaos.”. I’ve been downstairs in the bar a few times, having a drink, a bit of a conversation, and I’ve looked around. The band were combining a new record deal and an attempt to complete their long-delayed and much-anticipated comeback album with a stint (another one) in rehab for Doherty. Let’s hope the oldsters weren’t booked into Doherty’s signature suite, which is named Emily Dickinson. "I think it’s partly down to the promise of what Peter still had to achieve," he said. But he has a wife and two young children back in east London, so he can’t be here all the time. The refurbishment of Sturmy House overran by 18 months and the delay in renting the house cost the estate an estimated £50,000 in potential revenue, which the trustees were ordered to repay. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. So, yes, maybe it's best for everyone’s health that Pete isn’t around right now. This led to the shooting syndicate, which had paid £52,000 a year in fees, to turn its back on Savernake, robbing the estate of valuable revenue. For tickets and more information, visit here. 29 January - BOURNEMOUTH,  BIC He was here, briefly, last month, in the wake of The Libertines’ socially-distanced gig at the Virgin Money Unity Arena in Newcastle. There was one fellow I thought was a good artist but it turned out he’d kicked in a wall at Nando’s. My bedroom, the £220-per-night, Barât-curated William Blake, features what the musician describes proudly as an Easter Egg: inside the wardrobe, a Will Bianchi painting of Joe Strummer crossing the River Styx with Charon, fishing for souls piled up in the depths. And like anything, now we’ve got to look after the bastard, and sustain it – and make it pay for itself.”, The Albion Rooms, 31 Eastern Esplanade, Margate CT9 2HL, are open now. "The fact [is] that the castle we spent so many years together building brick by brick had seemed to be abandoned and subsiding – but was actually still in good shape.". Except, actually, now, 20 years on, it makes some sense. In Libertines lore, “Albion” was “the embodiment of the band’s ideals”, something Olde Englande and amorphous and mystical and just a bit cobblers. The accompanying wines, helpfully chosen by a brilliantly enthusiastic masked sommelier and maître d’ going by the name of Shabby, are equally wonderful but equally doing little for my vitality. ", Certainly, he and Barât’s incendiary creative partnership had also had its fair share of reverse-alchemy, moments where their scrappy indie-punk gold turned into multiple shades of crap. What time are the 2020 election results out, and how can I follow the presidential race on the night? It had the perfect name for a Libs' gig, and that's just what they got in December 2003 with another short-sharp blast of Albion madness. But right now he’s holed up back in France. “He has a big house on a cliff top in Normandy, with a cave that he’s doing his art in,” explains Barât, “and he drinks brandy and strolls around with his animals.”. US election polls tracker 2020: Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden win the race to be America's next president? Which, given their track record, would surely mean a cock-eyed take on Fawlty Towers, or the Comic Strip’s Hotel Bastardos, or Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson’s Guest House Paradiso. The aristocrat is suing a trustee of his extensive Wiltshire estate, Savernake, for failing to ensure a Georgian house was rented out after costly  repairs resulting from extensive damage caused by the singer. We are happy to make this clear, and have amended the article accordingly. ", Watch our documentary on The Libertines' London below. Right. It features Victorian nudes on the wallpaper and what Barât describes as a “blood-splattered heart that Peter drew on the wall on the original plaster”. He has also fallen out with other family members, most spectacularly his daughter, Lady Catherine Brudenell-Bruce. Albion Rooms: This is what 112 Teesdale Street looks like now, but back in the early days, the Libs tore down the wall between fans and band by inviting a handful of incredibly lucky supporters into their own Bethnal Green flat for a string of guerilla gigs that would terrify the neighbours, but act as marker to just how dedicated The Libertines were to their hardcore following. By 2013 the Savernake estate had run up debts of £1.8 million, with interest charges of £18,000 a month. “Wish you were here!” they call cheerily. And, in this opening phase the customers are not just fans, or friends and family. The Earl – described as “abrasive” in court papers – had earlier succeeded in having his former close friend John Moore removed as a trustee after legal action in 2014. He has run up legal costs of more than £600,000 in legal actions and paid his first wife more than £900,000 in a divorce settlement. Relations between the two men became so strained that in 2011 Lord Cardigan was accused of sabotaging a commercial pheasant shoot on his estate by destroying stands and “running a dog through the cover so as to disperse the birds”. 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