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Well, it must be true then. This doc tells the story of Burt Pugach and Linda Riss, a very charismatic on-and-off-again couple whose relationship takes a twisted turn after Pugach, jealous and wanting Riss to himself, hires a man to throw lye in her face, permanently scarring the object of his obsession. I laughed so hard when the Narrator said so seriously, "Whatshername is in love with a guillotine..." BAHAHAHA!!!!! There is, obviously, a built-in allure to a movie like Jumbo: Are they really going to show this beautiful actress getting it on with a giant steel structure? I was trying desperately to be open minded and non judgmental while watching this but when they said, "Blah blah is in a loving relationship with a guillotine." So, we put up with all kinds of warped ideas about sexuality in media ideas that have the potential to hurt people. It’s when a person is sexually (and often romantically) attracted to an inanimate object. While the notion sounds bizarre, the majority of reviews after last week's premiere note the film explores the theme in a surprisingly empathetic fashion. these woman are gorgeous and intelligen. Or hugging a pillow. A beautifully made, award-winning documentary that is both surreal and too real. Relating to the Berlin Wall’s personality is next level crazy, and they all have so many “partners” that its hard to believe that they are actually in love with any of them. Learn how your comment data is processed. Id**t. Atheist 13: You do yourself in with your very name. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. She said, “he’s too thick – my husband is sexier”. Totally agreed to what you have said. ”Atheist 13: You do yourself in with your very name. I did not see that this was as strange as people made it out to be in this video, but again, I am not obsessed to that level. Objectum sexuality, or 'objectophilia' is when individuals have strong emotional, romantic (and even sexual) feelings towards particular inanimate objects.

What if the objects want monogomy? Shepard decides to fuck the Mako.

It’s when a person is sexually (and often romantically) attracted to an inanimate object. My discomfort prompted me to think that this must be very similar to what the public in Victorian England experienced when they paid to see the lunatics in the local Bedlam asylum!. I mean, note how all the telepathic communications with an object resulted in “positive” conversation. I guess the few that saw this documentary with insight in opposition to the plenty that didn't are the reason for the wall of contact. Before you read on I suggest you check the comments below. Shepard must look for creative ways to gain the credits they need to replace worn-down equipment. Which might sound awesome, sure.

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This was a very insightful documentary about Objectum Sexuals. xx. So yesterday, I came across a quite interesting documentary describing stories of people who … She does't like me to do the grill painting as I just want to get it over with! Although people have called the oak tree her lover (including her husband… awkward), she likens it to her “soul mate or a really good friend”. The phenomenon is known as objectophilia, or objectum-sexuality, the term given to describe an attraction to inanimate objects. I saw it as even more than you suggest. i don’t usually comment on comments, because etc, but Passerby is entirely correct. It is a journey into the notions of love, tolerance, freedom of choice in our modern world, and a road towards understanding objectophilia better. I loved my car, more deeply then most people perhaps understood. A fence--I can't even imagine an attachment like that!

What gets people to join? I'd never imagine there were people who "fell in love with objects". I'm a little surprised there isn't a sub-genre of porn dealing with this subject already...If there is, I haven't found it! I'm really not looking for a fight, I'm just kind of shocked that on this website where I normally agree with the comments there are so many here that I don't agree with at all. I lasted up to the marriage ceremony on the Eiffel Tower. Try to give these women the same respect. Actually her attachment to objects could be an extreme form of the "comfort blanket". There's a lot of humor in it, too, though, don't get me wrong. (Sorry, Charles! But, I can do the walls--faster is better there.

Loved this docu! Experience with people gives you some idea of the diversity of people in the world, and how they as individuals relate to their own personalities, emotions, and issues. This will give you context that will help you reach a logical conclusion. But as Johnston's creative output garnered more attention, his mental health deteriorated, which manifested in him developing an obsession with the devil. Sometimes its just easier to "deal" with reflections that have no input into what your getting back. .

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