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The development of this weapon began in 2000 and the MATADOR will eventually replace the German-Singaporean Armbrust Light Anti-tank Weapon, which has been in service since the 1980s. Further variants of MATADOR have also been developed by Rafael and Dynamit Nobel Defence, designed primarily for anti-structure use by soldiers operating in dense urban environments. and should these fail, to secure a swift and decisive victory over the aggressor.”, – Mission Statement of The Singapore Army. [1], The MATADOR's projectile is claimed to be insensitive to wind due to its propulsion system, which results in a highly accurate weapon system.[1]. El matador was beautiful 15-20 years ago but no longer. To further enhance target engagement, the SAR 21 has a Laser Aiming Device (LAD), which enables its user to fire quickly without aiming through the scope. Those of you men currently above the age of 30 would have served your NS firing the M16 Assault Rifle. The original MATADOR was developed in collaboration with the Singapore Defence Science & Technology Agency, whilst later specialized versions were developed together with the Israeli company Rafael in the early 2000’s. The FN MAG is more commonly known amongst NS men as the GPMG. “The mission of MINDEF and the Singapore Armed Forces is to enhance Singapore’s peace and security through deterrence and diplomacy, After various upgrades and versions, the latest Ultimax 100 Mark 8 has been positively reviewed by many small arms experts around the world and considered to be the best-ever-made. [1], The MATADOR was developed jointly by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), in collaboration with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems[2][3] and Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) joint team. It replaced the M79 break-action standalone grenade launcher, in order to enable soldiers to also carry a rifle and easily switch between the two. The Ultimax 100 has a considerably low recoil for a light machine gun, and this is thanks to its patented “constant recoil” system. Most of us know that the Ultimax 100 was developed by ST Kinetics. However, after almost three decades of being the longest-serving standard assault rifle, the M16 was replaced by the SAR 21 in 1999. Check them out at our online store now! In fact, it is not uncommon for SAW gunners to qualify for the “marksman” badge at the firing range! The warhead is effective against both vehicle armour and brick walls. This feature makes the weapon highly effective for night combat and close combat in urban settings. Those two aspects require two different approaches, however. The SAR 21 also has a Modular Mounting System Carbine, which allows a wide variety of add-on tactical accessories to be mounted to its 2 sets of Picatinny Rails. Two MATADOR Light Anti-Tank Weapons (HEAT Warheads) This is because machine guns have a distinct and deep fearsome bark, so the mere sound of a GPMG firing actually provides a psychological terror effect, not to mention the stream of bullets erupting from its gun barrel! The MATADOR, which stands for Man-portable Anti-Tank, Anti-DOoR, is a 90-millimetre (3.5 in) weapon originated in Germany. Although the latest version of the Ultimax 100 (Mark 8) was unveiled in 2017, this light machine gun was actually first designed decades ago in the late 1970s. A multi-channel conversion machine. The MATADOR was developed in the late 1990’s by Dynamit Nobel, at the request of the SAF. [1], The MATADOR is supposed to be capable of defeating the armour of most known armoured personnel carriers and light tanks in the world. This plastic is rapidly slowed by air resistance, allowing the weapon to be fired safely within an enclosed space. Receive updates about new figurines, products and events! This is no surprise, given its patented features that dramatically increase its firepower and accuracy. The MATADOR, which stands for M an-portable A nti- T ank, A nti- DO o R, is a 90-millimetre (3.5 in) weapon originated in Germany. Perhaps our next installment will be on the M-16 Assault Rifle – a tribute to all you Baby Boomers and Gen-Ys! Two SAR 21 Assault Rifles According to the U.S. Army Field Manual, 8 different rounds were developed for the M203, each serving a different purpose and combat situation. For example, the 40mm M203 Grenade Launcher can be attached to add grenade-launch capability to the assault rifle, thereby expanding its reach and firepower. Consequently, these live rounds are fired from the FN MAG mounted on an overhead platform. In that Course, trainees have to overcome a myriad of obstacles by leopard crawling and back crawling with live rounds whizzing above them. Watch the Ultimax 100 in Action (note the extremely low recoil): There is nothing more frightening to an infantry trooper than having to face a tank or armoured vehicle and feeling completely overpowered with conventional light firearms that are unable to penetrate the vehicle’s armour. [1], The MATADOR is among the lightest in its class. We kick things off with the main infantry weapon currently used by Singapore’s NS men. The MATADOR (Man-portable Anti-Tank, Anti-DOoR) is a 90-millimetre (3.5 in) man-portable, disposable anti-armor weapon system developed in collaboration between Israel and Singapore. It is one of the most widespread and effective machine guns in the world, and is adopted by the SAF in an infantry platoon to provide mobile fire support. This feature is extremely important in machine guns, as it greatly boosts accuracy during automatic fire. The SAR 21 has a low recoil (the kick-back felt when a round is fired), which allows the firer to have better control over the weapon, and also to recover faster between successive shots. The MATADOR has both anti-armour and anti-brickwall capabilities that are suitable for operating in confined spaces. The countermass consists of shredded plastic, which is launched out of the rear of the weapon when it is fired. One SAR 21 with Sharpshooter scope Avoid this beach. The MAG’s development was complete by 1957, and subsequently adopted by the Belgian military in 1958. A Run-Down of Singapore's Infantry Section Weapons, 10 things that will make 2nd Gen SAF soldiers say “Those were the days”, 11 ways that National Service affects your civilian life, Rolling In with the SM1 Tank (Work in Progress), Sighting system : 1.5x Optical Scope Laser Aiming Device, Feed Device : 30 rounds Plastic Box Magazine, Sighting system : Quadrant sight or ladder sight on rifle, Operation : Gas Operation, Open Bolt, Short Stroke Piston & Gas Adjustments, Effective Range : 800m (SS109) / 460m (M193), Feed Device : Drum magazine 100 rounds or box magazine 30 rounds, Sights: Integral optical sights or Night Vision Device on a Picatinny rail, Maximum firing range: 1,800 m from tripod.

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