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But he has to realize this is a unique situation, and the fib will be a small price to pay for the baby's safety and wellbeing. Do you think he's working this case with Captain Bowers' permission? Do I strike you as someone who is interested in your feelings? Without Olive, how is he going to enact the X'er's plans? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Saanvi tells them some of them were, Finn. In the last frame of Episode 6, Adrian (Jared Grimes) can be spotted too, but he isn't inside the plane. He wasn't inside the plane with Ben, Saanvi, and Mic, but rather, on the outside. Many times, they're two-parters, like in the instance of Finn and his son, making it hard to keep track. ‘Spies in Disguise’ Coming to Digital, Blu-ray™, and 4K Ultra HD™ on March 10. Suddenly, Ben gets a Calling and he’s back on 828. Everything he said to Billy to "convince" him that he hated 828'ers was true, but it purposefully absolved him of any wrongdoing that led to these situations and outcomes. Grace says she doesn’t want anyone else to know, not the Xers, not the Believers. When Ben gets home, Grace plays him a voicemail of a woman from a magazine, saying that they’re doing a cover feature of Grace’s pregnancy, “the first 828 baby is a big story” and they’d love to interview her for the article. TJ suggests they go look for her. It's a valid question, and the answer is yes, sort of, but also, not really. I know it's coming eventually, but it's frustrating when one storyline gets pushed to the back burner for other ones that aren't as compelling. Ben was flabbergasted at the suggestion, and from his perspective, it makes sense.
The three of them are at the sight of a plane crash, 828. We don't envy Grace's position right now. Saanvi's absence from the previous episode was explained as her "hiding out" from The Major, but now she's back and walking around without a care in the world. They bring up Finn but Orlena tells them to leave. Legend has it the man disappeared and resurfaced ten years later only to hear God's voice.

What's The Major doing with all that research? We've now successfully completed a full-circle back to Mic's question: what the hell is happening? Finn asks Ben and Saanvi if they can try to help him see Theo, just once. Parveen Kaur and Josh Dallas in Manifest. Why would she do that?

According to legend, he was lost at sea for 10 years and then mysteriously returned. It’s also happening to Ben in his office. Why would the tarot reader give Olive and Grace the card in the first place, wouldn’t that make the deck incomplete?

But then she went to Jamaica. She came, caused a disturbance in Zeke's life, and walked right out without uttering a word after he almost relapsed while trying to pay off her debt. Olive says maybe the Calling led them to the guy because he survived the Death Date. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. See, this person destroyed my marriage and then she threw me under the bus in open court to protect some drug addict she barely knows, which destroyed everything that I have worked for. I swear to god she died on that plane because 5-and-a-half years later, whoever came back, hell whatever came back, see that wasn't her. Ben brings up how Finn said he had a one-night stand the night before he left Jamaica. At the hospital, Michaela tells Ben with the hours Saanvi’s been keeping, she most likely collapsed from exhaustion. Olive tells Ben that TJ figured something else out about the tarot and asks to meet him. People’s Choice Awards, Matthew Gray Gubler to Appear in Halloween Special of ‘The Talk’ Tomorrow, Stephen Amell on ‘Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum’, The CW Announces Premiere Dates for ‘Riverdale,’ ‘The Flash,’ ‘Superman & Lois,’ and More.

More on that later. TJ says a peacock is what helped Olive figure out the Death Date. Thankfully, Mic knew how to get out of the situation, but it's a situation they shouldn't have been in the first place. TJ and Olive are in Ben’s office. - Manifest (Episode Highlight), Ben and Olive Make a Connection - Manifest (Episode Highlight), Michaela Learns Zeke Has a Wife - Manifest (Episode Highlight), Olive Admits to Ben and Grace That She's a Believer - Manifest (Episode Highlight), Michaela and Zeke Spend the Night Together - Manifest (Episode Highlight), Ben and Michaela Get a New Clue - Manifest (Episode Highlight), Saanvi Reveals the Major's True Identity to Ben and Vance - Manifest (Episode Highlight), Saanvi Can't Forgive Ben - Manifest (Episode Highlight), Michaela, Cal and Zeke Share a Whole New Type of Calling - Manifest (Episode Highlight), Ben and Michaela Take TJ Under Their Wing - Manifest (Episode Highlight), The Major Manipulates Saanvi for Intel on Flight 828, Ben and Grace Will Fight for Their Future Together, Every OMG Moment from Season 1 - Manifest, Manifest Season 2 Trailer - The Mystery Returns, We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The reader says the deck the card came from, Alzeraz, has been out of print for decades, but she knows a few places in the city that sell rare and out-of-print things, if they have some time to dig around.
Olive tells TJ most Star Cards show a woman at a river, but the card they have has a peacock. A new Calling could also reveal what really happened with Flight 828. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Now that Ben and Grace know that Olive’s a Believer, will that change anything? It also led to another joint Calling as Mic, Ben, Saanvi, and Adrian (no one saw him there) found themselves standing in the middle of a plane crash. Is he still in hiding? After going through data, Saanvi finds the woman, Orlena, who gave birth approximately 40 weeks after April 7, 2013 to a boy named Theo. When he came back and his mom was gone, TJ says he had his own mini Buddhist memorial rite for her. What did the mysterious cult want with her?

Ben tells Grace so many people have seen them coming and going from the hospital, they can’t hide it anymore. He will protect their baby, they both will.

Saanvi is still in her lab and the same thing is happening to her. I have to cure the death date,” says Dr. Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur) into her recorder as she gets ready to use herself as a test subject in season two episode six of NBC’s mystery drama, Manifest . Ben and Saanvi orchestrate a surprising family reunion for an emotionally closed-off Flight 828 passenger. Mic: I have a feeling...Chief Bowers: Do I strike you as someone who is interested in your feelings? the dynamic duo is back! Olive asks where do they start but Adrian comes up to them, telling them they have to go. She has to test on herself. enable_page_level_ads: true The Isaiah reveal was such a shocking moment on Manifest Season 2 Episode 5, and I wish they tapped into it more here. At the hospital, Finn is a perfect match for Theo for a liver transplant and Orlena says he saved her son’s life, he should be a part of it. Ben meets up with Saanvi and tells her what happened and shows her the photo of Finn. Finn says he has no idea, no wife, no kids, definitely didn’t bring one to Jamaica. Michaela is in her bathroom when suddenly, ashes are falling. Lizzy Buczak is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Courtney told Mic that Zeke was never fully able to commit to his sobriety and sure enough when Mic checked his razor, she found a stash of pills. Billy: I've done a little digging.Jared: What are you talking about?Billy: Turns out, you were engaged to an 828'er. If they were to take the interview, they would be able to control the narrative and protect their baby girl. What has Saanvi gotten herself into? Saanvi notices Theo’s eyes are different than they were in the Calling. Is this what actually happened to Flight 828? Figuring out the Death Date is on her. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. He can hear it ringing but it’s no use. She makes a memo to Ben, saying if he finds this, she knows she promised, but she also knows there was no other way. Find out what happened in the newest episode of Manifest, “Return Trip.”, It's time! Together. And it allows Danny to be a part of the cast again, which gives us the best of both worlds. He's supposed to be the "Holy Grail," and yet he's no longer critical to the storyline as has been pushed off to the side along with The Major. Although Finn could insist on visits, Ben tells him he’d be risking blowing up a happy family. They listen to Adrian calling them immortals, that they’re miracles. If they hadn’t had that Calling and asked him to help her … Saanvi tells Ben she wasn’t asking for help in the Calling. Saanvi is in her lab and starts to record herself, saying theoretically, the genetic anomaly could transfer to Finn’s son by way of the organ transplant, meaning they may have just saved this kid and cursed him at the same time. In the Calling, his eyes had distinctive yellow rings and he’s having motor issues – a sign of liver disease. Ben tells Olive she knows them, other people don’t. 19 Characters Whose Chemistry Could Set Off Fireworks. In my review of Manifest Season 2 Episode 4, I said my off-the-wall theory was that they're supposed to save passengers from a future crash, and that seems to be the case here. Icing Conditions. Grace tells Ben maybe they should do the cover story.

Just think of the burden the child will carry from both fans and haters of Flight 828 if she grows up known as the miracle baby. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Saanvi tells Finn they have to try, the Calling said Theo needs help, maybe that means he needs Finn’s help, too. Ben and Saanvi shared a Calling (Yay! Let's hope there's a good reason for all of this! Two different Callings have warned them that the baby might be in danger. Or do you think Bowers is working for The Major?

And yeah, we were gonna get married.

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