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Support us on this Kickstarter ride and get exclusive Kickstarter rewards! We feel that the game is now at a point where we know what game we want to make and can now ramp up the production to build the actual game content. Lonely Mountains promises to live up to its namesake[...]. We know Kickstarter will be a tough ride. The relaxing aesthetic is a figurative breath of fresh air when compared to other games that compete to be loudest and most in-your-face. We will plant a tree in the game for you (but won't tell you which one). - Kotaku.com, [...]it’s one to keep an eye on, and it looks great too. The feedback has been very good and we're pretty confident that the core gameplay is a lot of fun. The bikes control like a dream, with quick-turning, believable acceleration arcs and lots of variance between the six unlockable cycles, each of which feels like a “class” of its own. Our gameplay vision was to create a fun game - not a replica of real downhill biking. © 1991 to Go especially off the beaten path, and you can even find all the cleverly hidden resting places on a given mountain. Springe zum Inhalt. Find the perfect bike for your playstyle and unlock dozens of paint jobs and outfits! The objectives are limited in scope; without more variety in targeted goals, the potential for tedium can set in over time. Each new bike unlocks in parts, and you can’t use the vehicle until you get all its parts. + LIMITED: GET A UNIQUE RIDER AND BIKE which will only be available to you or whoever you want to share it with (Bike and rider will be unlocked by redeeming a code in the game). However, the injection of a Zen-like natural landscape and soundscape sets these lonely mountains apart. We are testing a new game in this video. FIND YOUR OWN WAY Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a skill-focused arcade experience of surprising depth and replayability. For the most dedicated players, that distinction won’t matter much. This mountain biking game blends an idyllic nature aesthetic with tight arcade action to create a surprisingly thrilling adventure. + Your name as "Paint Job Artist" in the credits, + LIMITED: Tell us your favorite animal and we will put a little family of it in the game - must be a real animal, no dragons (or yetis) allowed and must thematically fit to one of our mountains (Decision must be made till end of January 2018 otherwise it will be given to the community), + LIMITED: Get a hand-painted 3D printed figure of our little biker (Worldwide shipping included). The later was nominated for the German game developer awards, the German video game awardsas well as selected for several showcases. A professional critic’s assessment of a service, product, performance, or artistic or literary work. Ride along quiet mountain lakes, majestic forests and steep canyons, A custom physics system lets you carefully drop from boulder to boulder, sprint over abysses or slide through muddy grounds. This is your chance! Compete with friends and prove your speed-running skills on the leaderboards. If we are able to reach our initial funding goal we can make the base version of the game together with you and Medienboard. Discord | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. Death feels as light as it does in an arcade — it’s easy to want to have another go, and hard to know when to end. Our goal is to allow you to play the game the way you want to. As it is, the main avenue to difficulty is shaving seconds off each checkpoint, transforming seemingly impossible time goals into increasingly realistic possibilities. If we have to choose between a new great idea for the game or an earlier release, going for the idea will probably win most of the times. To what end? Lonely Mountains: Downhill is not an easy game. (Indeed, “Lonely Mountains” looks more refined than many big budget games.) 16 trails across four mountain landscapes all start the same: Your bike and rider are poised at the peak, ready to descend. Christopher Byrd is a Brooklyn-based writer. Click here to go to the original Kickstarter page. Ever dreamed of owning your own cabin? Even so, there’s a searing intensity and competitive flair to this outdoor adventure that can easily accommodate serious engagement. Race, jump, slide and try not to crash - all the way from the peak to the valley! To see the game pause, and watch your rider relax by a beautiful vista for a well-deserved break. From here, it’s all about the path to your cozy base camp, bumping and sliding down gravel switchbacks, dirt slides, hidden tree paths, and waterlogged streambeds. We saw a lot of very good projects who didn’t or just barely succeeded. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); We also know that everyone has a personal taste when it comes to cool looking bikes. Lonely Mountais Downhill is an Indie game where you take your bike and find your own way down the mounta... Hello guys. + Upgrade your game to a special Kickstarter version with a Kickstarter exclusive paint job, outfit and leaderboard icon, + A digital  art/ behind the scenes book with our most beautiful artworks, behind the scenes screenshots and war stories from the development, + A digital Kickstarter exclusive wallpaper, + Download our Gamescom Showcase with a fully playable mountain directly after the Kickstarter campaign ends and start playing (Itch.io key for Win/Mac), + Get beta access to the game before release (Steam beta key, approximately May 2018), + Get access to the development version with bi-weekly builds of the game and join us to find the best trail to the finish line! A bloody crash results in a quick restart at a checkpoint. © 2020 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, Modern Slavery Transparency Act Statement, Travel to the Lonely Mountains! Each consists of several sections connected seamlessly with multiple paths to the next checkpoint. My bike rattles across an old wooden bridge, and the path ahead curves around the rising roar of the waterfall. Trees are swaying in the wind, butterflies travel between the flowers and you can discover all kinds of birds and animals as you ride. The controls are intuitive (right trigger to accelerate, left to brake), but mastering the subtleties of how to take a particular jump or turn on a given trail, and knowing when to accelerate, drift, brake, or speed up, takes practice. Discovering new shortcuts never loses that eureka moment feel, and each trail has a surprising array of alternate paths to explore. You will crash and you'll crash a lot - but you can instantly restart at the last checkpoint (which is never too far behind) and due to our rag-doll system crashing is actually quite fun - especially for the people watching you crash. We’ve also had nearly a thousand players playtest the game at different events. We both thought long and hard about the risks of doing this but seeing all the amazing feedback over the last few months we decided to try it anyway. Make your way through thick forests, narrow trails and wild rivers. Tips to help you win. With that said we already have a fun and playable core game so we’re hopeful we can tackle most of what the game development gods might throw at us. Lonely Mountains: Downhill is not an easy game. Race, jump, slide and try not to crash - all the way from the peak to the valley! We founded Megagon Industries in 2013. We’re probably not alone with saying that making games is nearly always a risky endeavour. It's just you and the mountain. His work has appeared in the New York Times Book Review, the New Yorker and elsewhere. The base version the game will feature six different lonely mountains which are inspired by real life mountainscapes and locations all around the globe. Impressum | Data Protection Policy | Terms & Conditions, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Db-T9GOEkQ, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5urHpzaax50. Set in a world without sponsor signs, barrier tapes or spectators we want you to feel like the first rider to ever challenge this mountain - to explore its wild landscapes and to find your own path down the trail. “Lonely Mountains: Downhill” is both tranquil and challenging. We think a Kickstarter campaign with different early access tiers is the best way to offer that. Lonely Mountains: Downhill is -exactly- what I needed right now. What gives me pause, though, is thought of the narrow, descending path that picks up after the start of the trail. The game is especially beautiful. Explore Lonely Mountains: Downhill game detail, demo, images, videos, reviews. There's a special bond between a rider and her or his bike. We believe that together with you we can climb that mountain! I’d rather worry about two difficult sections than deal with many potential concerns. The mountains are conspicuously well designed. There are different objectives – from completing the route within a time limit to reaching the bottom in under x crashes. The ambient nature soundtrack is an inspired choice, and the low-poly but vibrantly colorful visuals perfectly capture the hazy sense of speeding down a hill as the background details blur together. Send us a photo of you on your favorite bike and we will implement you both in the game. We need the money: We were fortunate enough to receive state funding by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. [...]it’s one to keep an eye on, and it looks great too. Matt Miller has been with Game Informer since 2004. I got the game for free as part of the Xbox Game Pass for PC Beta subscription. If you’re new to the game, Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a mountain biking game in which you navigate winding paths down idyllic mountainous terrain. One bike excels at big jumps, while another can’t be beat in the off-road. You will crash and you'll crash a lot - but you can instantly restart at the last checkpoint (which is never too far behind) and due to our rag-doll system crashing is actually quite fun - especially for the people watching you crash. + LIMITED: Put your name one of our mountain cabin in the game. The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning. So, I consider another way. Just you and your bike - take it on a thrilling ride down an unspoiled mountain landscape. Merhabalar... Hergün 20:00 Yeni Video Kanala Abone Olmak İçin TIKLA https://goo.gl/2KxYik Dünyanın En İlginç Videolarını hazırlayan topluluğa hoşgeldiniz. I can’t tell you how many times, while traveling at great speed I hit, say, a tree root and knew (!) We’ve never worked on a game which didn’t hit some unexpected problems somewhere down the road and Lonely Mountains: Downhill will probably not be the exception. Deciding how to thread your solitary rider down one of the game’s picturesque mountains makes for an entrancing experience. Our initial goal was to have a shared company to publish our private pet projects but since then the company has grown into much more than that: We released two premium mobile games: “... and then it rained” and “Twisted Lines”. This encouraged us to spend more and more time working on our games until we decided to work full-time on Lonely Mountains: Downhill.

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