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Sometimes life just ain't easy.

Lilo: I'm sorry I bit you... and pulled your hair... and punched you in the face... Mr. Cobra Bubbles: Thus far, you have been adrift in the sheltered harbor of my patience.

Myrtle Edmonds: That is the ugliest dog I've ever saw. Ha ha ha ha! His only instinct: TO DESTROY EVERYTHING HE TOUCHES! See. Computervoice: Warning: guidance is not functional. No… Maybe, a little. Nani: Oh no! I’m adjusted.
JUST LIKE THAT?!!! [Cobra Bubbles withdraws his hand, his knuckles crack] "Cobra Bubbles." Good! Jumba: [nonchalantly] Hey, just a little one. Jumba: [sighs] 6-2-6 will not come easily... Maybe direct hit from plasma-cannon might stun him long enough to--.

[Stitch takes a bicycle off from Her, then she Starts Crying, Which Lilo Hops On With Stitch] Somebody do something!

I can't even pet him!

I love Disney movies — they were my favorite thing to watch growing up. Mr. Cobra Bubbles: We're getting off-subject here.

Lilo: [sighs] Every Thursday, I take Pudge the fish a peanut butter sandwich.

Grand Councilwoman: Are they intelligent? Nani: Lilo, you lolo! I can't give Pudge tuna! Say hello. Why do you act so WEIRD?!

It is fire-proof, bullet-proof, and can think faster than super computer. [After Lilo shows up to hula dance class late, soaking wet, Mertle, Elena, Teresa and Yuki slip in the puddles, one by one.]. A warmth and sincerity that recall The Iron Giant and the films of Hiyao Miyazaki make Lilo a delightful fantasy adults and children can truly enjoy together. We just have to take him back. Captain Gantu: Place that idiot scientist under arrest. When Lilo adopts a funny-looking dog and names him "Stitch," she doesn't realize her new best friend is [Stitch sneaks out of the shelter, ducked from aiming plasma gun].

Nani: [furiously screaming in frustration] GO TO YOUR ROOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!! Of illegal genetic experimentation! Nani: ...something that won't die.

I didn’t quite. Lilo: Hey! We are getting a dog! [...and throws him through the windshield onto the wing of Jumba's ship below], Grand Councilwoman: You?!

It ' s also extremely quotable.. Lilo: [seriously] Pudge controls the weather.

You know, you wreck everything you touch. WHAT?!

Don't cry Mertle. Open it. Lilo! Nani: [Lilo started shrieking and screaming and runs away, Nani went chasing her, and restrains her, but gets licked] Ew! Are you going to invite me in, "Nani?". You liked it a lot.

Get out, get out!

We have a dog door! His only instinct… to destroy everything he touches! If you take him, you’re stealing.

Puloki: Maybe we should call your sister. [as Jumba and Stitch play hot potato with the overloading gun, Pleakley grabs Lilo and runs out of the house].

Terms of Use • Stitch: [clears throat] Meega nala kweesta! After all you put me through, YOU EXPECT ME TO HELP YOU, JUST LIKE THAT?! [That pisses Nani off even more]. I'm gonna say... Jumba: Monstrosity? Lilo: Hm. She's so beautiful. Lilo: [trying to push Nani out of her room] Can't you go any faster?! So nice to see your pretty face again! If it wasn't for your Experiment 6-2-6, none of this-, Grand Councilwoman: Stitch, then. Pleakley: Oh, can't complain, Mom. [Mertle cries sniffles] Girls... (speaking Hawaiian "It doesn't matter") Shh. Nani: Nah... the manager's a vampire and he wanted me to join his legion of the undead. Hold everything! Oh, we can’t do that.

Captain Gantu, take him away. No. [Nani looks up in horror], Nani: [clamps her hand over Lilo's mouth] Okay! [Stitch snarls at the guards] Thoroughly unpleasant. Convinced an alien race that mosquitoes were an endangered species.

[Lilo continues, with Nani silently getting more and more frantic. Gravity is increasing on me! My experiments are only theoretical completely within legal boundaries. Nani: [pissed off] Hey. He helped bring about a revolution…, Your email address will not be published. Grand Councilwoman: [interrupting, exasperated] Plasma-cannon granted.

, a tale of an escaped alien on the run from his captors and a little girl in Kauai who adopts him. Stitch, for one. It can see in the dark, and lift objects three thousand times its size. Oh good! And, uh, oh; I had my head chewed on by a monster! Gravity is increasing on me! Shelter Worker: [a bit breathless] We have better dogs, dear. Nani: He's creepy, Lilo. Nani: Lilo! along with the occasional Elvis reference, alien Stitch learns from little girl Lilo that family is less about blood relation and more about connections that never leaves anyone behind. And unethical! I paid two dollars for him. Thirsty? I want to dance. Wanna play Battle of the Greek City-States?

Pleakley: No.

Jumba: Monstrosity?!

Stitch: [Grabs Gantu's hand...] Also cute and FLUFFY! ], Lilo: Yeah, she disciplines me real good.

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