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Oh who has built the shore so near the ocean, the ocean, There may be a new generation of kids and not-so-old adults who don’t know these songs. I learned these songs in the 1950s from Song Fest (by Dick and Beth Best, published by the Intercollegiate Outing Club Assoc. Now his head resembles heaven, for there is no parting there. There are other nonsensical songs in that book, a treasure-trove of songs popular with college students in the 1940s and ‘50s. They’re part of our folklore and should be passed on. Well, it is! If it was a STREETcar, it doesnt belong on the ocean at midnight, I wouldnt think, For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/awcFu.
But one thing we are certain about is that the words are very confusing, proving the point that what you say may not make very much sense when you've had too much alcohol to drink! 1942 on a Fred Allen radio show, sung, with feeling, by Portland Hoffa. For a boy’s best friend is his mother. When the landlord died I left there, And while I’m at it I’ll tell them stories about their great-great-grandfather Charlie Young who went off to war as a very young doughboy and shot it out with 1920s gangsters from the running board of a speeding car. When along came a big whale. Song Lyrics From Around The World Home | 0-9 | A | B | C ... ain't we crazy We're goin' to sing this song all night today It was midnight on the ocean, not a horsecar was in sight As I stepped into the drugstore, to get myself a light The man behind the counter, was a woman old and gray Who used to peddle shoestrings, on the road to Mandalay. Be kind to you old umbrella Also recorded by Peter and Mary in 1954: Be Kind To Your Web-Footed Friends –  Crazy Mixed Up Song. Peepin’ through the knot-hole of grandpa’s wooden leg While looking out the window, a second story window, Alternate Versions -- also called "Barefoot Boy": On the deep and dark blue sea. Ev’rything is growing old, ‘Twas a summer’s day in winter, and the rain was snowing fast, I fell from a window, a second-story window, While coming through the rye, As they serenade the elephants. Be kind to your friends on the beat…. They’ll probably think it’s as crazy as the song. Get your answers by asking now. Be kind to your friends with the stripe…, Be kind to your flat-footed friends Because he socked his little baby brother, his brother, midnight on the "ocean".. well, thats good that theres no streetcar in sight. Now this song varied by the identity of the grandchild and the details of the trip we were on. Up in the trees so high. In the boarding house where I live, Another alternate version: Now, I know a little ditty. “Holy smoke!” the preacher shouted, as he madly tore his hair, Not a streetcar was in sight. Up around the nothern pole.

He would tell us stories of the old days. Top Scottish fiddler Duncan Chisholm performs Johnny Cunningham’s beautiful air Night in That Land. The lyrics are by Eben E. Rexford, and the music by Hart Pease Danks: “Darling I am growing old/ Silver threads among the gold/ Shine upon my brow today/ Life is fading fast away.” It was recorded by Richard Jose in 1903, and later by Bing Crosby in 1948. by Laurie Riley, Future of the Pacific Northwest Folklore Society, by Stewart Hendrickson. GO GET THE AXE (aka PEEPIN’ THROUGH THE KNOT-HOLE) Do you know these songs? Genre And Style – How Much Do You Know? As the wind was blowing bubbles, lightning shot from left to right. When the sexton rang the dish rag, someone set the church on fire. The cellar is behind the door, Mary’s room is behind the ax,

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