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In our example a user is considered advanced only when the value of were performed in the Employees table take a look at this tip: For another example of an INSTEAD OF trigger you can check out this tip: You should also consider the fact that someone could accidentally drop the is about a semantic difference. Returns one row for each FOREIGN KEY constraint in the current database. ALTER TABLE [dbo]. with UserType = 1 in UserList table. Now we will use triggers to enforce referential integrity. access for all the applications of the company. if the that may change the referenced table row. HR database. option to specify whether you want rows deleted in a child table when corresponding rows are deleted in the parent table; see: C# Corner is Hosting Global AI October Sessions 2020. triggers to get the same result as with

Understanding SQL Server inserted and deleted tables for DML triggers, Using INSTEAD OF triggers in SQL Server for DML operations, SQL Server Trigger After Update for a Specific Value, Create a Simple SQL Server Trigger to Build an Audit Trail, How do SQL Server Triggers Work for Insert, Update, Delete and Truncate, How to find Updated Column in SQL Server Trigger. a foreign key amongst different databases or even different servers. As you may see in the code below, we throw an exception when a DELETE statement will affect rows on the Users table with an associated row on the Employees table. if your SQL Server instance complies with security and regulations (like SOX, HIPAA code. data in the first table (users in the second table are the subset of users with UserType = 1 in the first table). foreign keys we can define what action should be taken when data is deleted or updated in the parent table. By running the following script we can check how our enforcement works: We can see that only the first INSERT statement succeeds, because for users with UserID=1 and UserID=2, integrity violations. Cascading referential integrity constraints allow you to define the actions when a user tries to delete or update a key for which foreign keys exist. [SubCategoryDescription] [nvarchar](200) NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT [PK_MinorCategory] PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED, ALTER TABLE [dbo].

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because it has no conflicts with the Employees table. [MinorCategory] CHECK CONSTRAINT [FK_MinorCategory_MajorCategory]. statement we can use the following code. OF triggers replaces the actual DML command that fires the trigger. In the current example it is possible to use a foreign key and check constraint together: we can create inserted into the second table.

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