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Temtem pouvant se reproduire avec Drakash . Note: Resistances from types and from traits round different in formulas, so damage received can differ by 1 point. Diminue les tours de charge de votre équipe. Musa will open with Kauren and Mudrid, so you should open with Saipat and Babawa or Saipat and Skunch. Anahir is a quadruped with a bright yellow molten body. Kinu has potent SPATK (special attack) Mental-type Techniques and Mouflank has a low base SPDEF (special defense). Pigepic usando la técnica Stare, que baja la defensa del Pewki rival. An image posted on Twitter by CEO Tateru during 2020 April Fools, Unofficial full body render of Luma Anahir. Anahir (#161) is a Crystal /Fire Temtem. Below you will find the list of the best Temtem, including their evolution chains, how to find them, and which movesets are the best for each of them. Algunas Técnicas tienen un incremento de poder o algún efecto adicional gracias a una mecánica llamada Sinergia. I did not expect to encounter an Electric-type in an Earth focused dojo. Drakash can become a handful if you let it use Heat Up to raise its ATK (attack) and don’t wipe it from the field. Techniques apprises par niveau. TemTem Battle Guide: How to be the Ultimate Temtem Battler, High attack power that allows the use of Special Attack moves, Best offensive double type (Neutral/Crystal), One of the best physical Temtem due to high Attack and Speed, Gyalis has Special Defense moves that make it a great defensive Temtem, One of the most diverse Temtem with a rich pool of moves, It has only one elemental weakness: Electric, Excellent team player that increases defenses of all allied Temtem, Drains 40% of life from an attacking Temtem, All stats are extremely well balanced on both attack and defense, It gains a negative status reduction by one each turn, All damage from special abilities is increased by 25%, All Wind based attacks get 15% bonus damage, It has physical boost attack starting from 20%. https://temtem-es.gamepedia.com/Técnicas?oldid=1582. e Temtem; Temtem: Breeding • Eggs • Evolution • Luma Temtem • Taming • Trading. Its legs are short and its feet are protected by a crystalline encasing and have two toes each. Si un Temtem que usa Aqua Stone tiene de aliado un Temtem Tipo Tierra, entonces la Técnica hará sinergia y tendrá un aumento de poder. Soon after arriving on the African-inspired island, you’ll find yourself battling your way through Vumbi Dojo and its Dojo Master, Musa. For Heat Up, Haito Uchi and Earth Wave to all go onto your Gyalis, you need a Mudrid at level 47, a Skunch at level 24, and an Anahir at level 36. It looks intimidating, but Kinu or Barnshe will make quick work of it with their Mental-type attacks. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Soigne les problèmes de statut du lanceur. However, Kinu is excellent because it is also a Nature-type, which Earth-type Temtem are weak against. You can use Water-types to carry you through most of the tamers in the Dojo. Its body is encased in a protective red crystalline armor with four crystals protruding from each side and a single larger crystal protruding as its tail. Vulffy is another Temtem in Kisiwa’s Vumbi Dojo that can be awkward to deal with. La mayoría de Técnicas se usan para inflingir daño al Temtem rival hasta que queda exhausto, pero algunas Técnicas pueden causar cambios en las estadísticas de los Temtem o aplicar efectos de estado. Im not sure if 1 SVs starter smazees exist? A continuacion una lista de estas, con algunas que se discutirán en detalle: Las Técnicas están divididas en tres categorías también conocido como clases: Todas las Técnicas tienen un indicador de prioridad que establece cuando será usada en el turno. Baisse la Défense de la cible d'un niveau. Heat Up is a Status Fire Technique. La cible regagne 10% de ses PV max à la fin du tour pendant 7 tours. Ici sont répertoriés les 221 techniques de Temtem disponibles à ce jour. For the record, I didn’t go in with six level 48 Temtem and steamroll the Dojo – 48 is the highest level your Temtem could be at the start of Kisiwa. Otherwise, bring along a Skunch to knock it out quickly with Melee-type Techniques. Best Temtem Starters: Which Starter is Right for YOU? Augmente d'un niveau la Vitesse de votre équipe. Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure. This is a community website — we are not affiliated with, owned by, or part of CremaGames S.L. ATK. I found Musa to be one of the easier Temtem Dojo Masters to beat. Akranox is the only slightly tricky one. Tous les Temtem au combat voient leur Vitesse baisser d'un niveau. The Temtem I found the toughest to deal with was Grumper. I used my Tental, which evolved from my Houchic starter. Temtem Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Rebondit 3 fois sur les Temtem dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre en soignant 20% des PV. A diferencia de algunos Tipos que pueden tener más de un tipo, las Técnicas solo tienen un tipo. The following is a list of Temtem who learn Mechanical Heat. Le contenu est disponible sous licence CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 sauf mention contraire. Temtem who learn Mechanical Heat Temtem Learn Method Oree: Level Up See all Techniques. They all use at least one Earth-type, so your Water-types are very effective. Babawa’s Water Cutting Lily Technique will decimate it. Augmente l'Attaque Spéciale du lanceur d'un niveau. Retire 1 tour de charge des Techniques du Temtem ciblé. Basically title, since there are few smazees perfect SVs how can I get heat up in a Gyalis without losing 1 fert leave? Baisse la Vitesse de la cible d'un niveau. #072 – Crystle. #109 – Zephyruff. Algunas Técnicas tendrán varias cantidades de retención y el usuario deberá esperar, desde el turno en que entra en la batalla, un número de turnos igual a la cantidad de retención que tiene esa técnica. Lol I’m in the same boat, I would also like a solution! mais retire tous les statuts et augmente de 2 niveaux la Défense et la Défense Spéciale de la cible. The difference between most Temtem players isn't necessarily skill, often it boils down to how well they know the game and know where their favorites fall on most Temtem tier lists. 1 Effect 2 Description 3 Temtem 4 Update History Heat Up gives the user ATK. The move Heat Up target only one Temtem. … You’ll encounter a few old faces too, but none of them are a big threat. For Heat Up, Haito Uchi and Earth Wave to all go onto your Gyalis, you need a Mudrid at level 47, a Skunch at level 24, ... Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure. Granpah is a solid option. I recommend a Wind-type because it will be resistant to Earth-type attacks and effective against Toxic-type Temtem – of which there are a few. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Augmente la Défense et la Défense Spéciale du lanceur d'un niveau. https://temtem.gamepedia.com/File:161_intro.mp3, https://discordapp.com/channels/417595319849713664/452198175134973962/695692987107246260, https://twitter.com/PlayTemtem/status/1245354324542337031, https://discordapp.com/channels/417595319849713664/452198175134973962/715120064650543114, https://temtem.gamepedia.com/Anahir?oldid=35431. For Heat Up, Haito Uchi and Earth Wave to all go onto your Gyalis, you need a Mudrid at level 47, a Skunch at level 24, and an Anahir at level 36. The Temtem summer update finally lets players rock-hop all the way to Kisiwa. Ne fonctionne que sur un adversaire ayant le statut. Volarend can hit it with its powerful Wind-type Techniques, while also resisting Akranox’s Toxic-type attacks. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Baisse la Défense et la Défense Spéciale de la cible d'un niveau. isnt it the same at the end of the day? La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 29 février 2020 à 14:56. La prioridad de las Técnicas tienen un aspecto específico en el juego que los diferencia. On its chest sits a single carved gem that sits on the collar of its armor plating. Baisse la Défense de la cible d'un niveau et lui donne le statut. Baisse l'Attaque de la cible d'un niveau. Le lanceur se soigne de 10% du maximum de sa vie et inflige le statut. As mentioned earlier, it’s an Earth/Electric-type hybrid. Augmente de 2 niveaux la Défense et la Défense Spéciale du lanceur. Augmente de 2 niveaux la Défense mais baisse d'un niveau la Vitesse du lanceur. Le lanceur récupère 15% de ses PV et se soigne du statut. But all of the Temtem I mentioned above will take it down easily while receiving minimal damage. Ne fonctionne que sur les adversaires ayant le statut. Y las diferentes prioridades interactúan con la velocidad del usuario de diferentes maneras. Boom, Gyalis with 5 SVs at 50 and its three best egg moves. Temtem Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Anahir as seen in the Tempedia. Mouflank is a Neutral-type, so it can easily be handled by your Kinu. It might be because I’m more familiar with the game or because my Temtem were well prepared. If you’ve brought the team I recommended, you’ll have no problem dispatching the six Temtem Musa uses against you. El tipo determina la eficacia de la Técnica cuando se usa contra determinado Temtem. Skunch is a solid option – it isn’t weak to anything the tamers will throw at you throughout the dojo. Saipat has excellent physical water Techniques and a good base ATK, while Drakash has a low base DEF (defense).

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