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007 with the ammo, uh, Pull up on the scene like Rambo, uh The 21-year-old died earlier this month following a “medical emergency” at a Chicago airport. I need that in my life.” Pull up on ’em, I’m ballin’, shooting I’m feeling like Spartan’ And then I’ma leave “No no. But I’m in better shape full songs, my G. Wow.” That n—- don’t got s— on me, huh But I’m on a beat like a damn Kamikaze Wow.” Best believe I’ma get it The video, recorded in LA in February 2019, exposes Juice’s raw talent and unmistakeable flow. Maximum 1?” So they hearts getting slayed “That’s 3.” Every song that Juice hop on is bound to get icky “That’s caramel?” Like a n—- gettin’ an “A” and doing a f—— spelling bee, “Ay! “I- yeah, I mean, I don’t wanna get fired, I just started.” I remember bein’ in Illinois’s Robin and Robin “If creme brulee Juul tasted like that, N—- you cannot handle, oh, huh Juice WRLD – Fire In The Booth Lyrics “Fire In The Booth Lyrics by Juice WRLD” “You know what time it is when you hear this, right?” “Uuuh, let’s get ready to ruuumble!” Hit-Boy (Uh) “Oh, it’s a Hit-Boy joint, huh?” [?] “Off the dome.” S—, I don’t f— with me either Banana clip, aim at your orange and s— (Freeze ’ems) Them s—- was trash.” Got my hand on my heater It’s cloudy.”, “Yeah. “Yeah, it’s nice, huh?” It’s been a couple of days “Yeah.”, “Alright, lemme try that.” We get it bustin’ up in London, like a concussion Hope you understand I shoot like a child from Afghanistan, uh, yeah Then I’m getting it back Knock it out the park, and we talkin’ a ball game That’s the end of discussion, man (Perfect) I’m a rockstar, Black Sabbath, no Ozzy Kill every beat and I ain’t even really tryin’ They don’t want no smoke, nah, they don’t want no cancer I’m Tony Hawk and I feel like a ollie “Yeah “I nee-I nee-I need people to understand, that normally when-when the (Yeah), artists comes in to do Fire in the Booth, they would’ve taken, They will always sit down to write it, and they’ll prepare it. That-That s— really be freestyle, right?” Mayweather with the uppercut, uh, Hit him in the stomach like five or six times ’til he had enough, uh “Alright.” Everybody the same color to me, I’m screaming f— a race “Mango?” S——- on my ex so much that I don’t got no manners I used to try and blow clouds, and I would be-” “Oh, is it?” All I know is get the cash, yeah, get the cash (London City) “Uh huh, uh huh, yeah, uh, uh huh, look, uh.” Your girl said she got’ spit on it, huh Matter of fact, I’m Michael Jordan Baby, I’m stuck in my ways (Hit-Boy) N—-, I won’t stop, “Wow, wow! “Know what I mean? No Nike, but I just do it, Juice WRLD, Triple 9, that’s a movement Pull up in a Mazi, n—- can’t stop me He livin’ lavish, he over here gettin’ too payed N—– really think they spell it out Hit-Boy, Yeah Some words, f—–’ words.” I’m a rebel, I’m a rockstar, take you to the grave, uh Charlie got the Vikings on his shirt, I’m like a Viking (Woof) I go nuts like planets, uh, all of this God’s plan, uh, man Hm, molly at the rave, I’m gon’ misbehave Rip it to riddance, rip it to smithereens

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