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#bigpinklink. I couldn’t see what was so special about me, or why anyone would like me if I was showing them my “true self”. Yet for some reason we push ourselves and mould ourselves into what we believe will please others. … #BigPinkLink. We often encounter clients who resist trying out new behaviors because they are concerned about not appearing 'authentic'. And I don’t know what to do about it, except to get the fuck out of here. Their approval means nothing if we don’t believe we are worthy of it! In a world full of external pressure to “fit in”, to be a “replica” of the women we see in magazines, on YouTube, in music videos, or on social media, it takes courage to be original. But we have to keep trying! But when she returned to her desk to respond to him, to attempt to again defend her honor, the email was gone. In other words, don’t make claims you can’t back up. The true meaning of happiness is found in authenticity. It can be you feeding your baby, or a book you are enjoying. I really wish all these celebrities were better at promoting health rather than being skinny, muscley or wearing a tonne of bling. Don’t let fear of change, or negative self talk stop you from finding yourself! Long, Cappuccino life I’m getting braver as I get older that’s for sure. but my attitude is that if i have to deal with me, then so do you! They also saw an 11% increase in promoting internally, which in turn is giving the program more and more credibility. Another word for fearlessly. In 2007, shortly after I began my career as a speaker and author I was told by a marketing and image consultant to ditch my jeans and boots for a suit. You can’t “act” authentic, you can only be authentic. Be fearlessly authentic! Just what I needed on a Monday morning #GlobalBlogging, So true, but it can be so hard sometimes (speaking from experience). What does fearlessly mean? I wound up having to compete for business because I wasn’t attracting business by simply being my authentic self. I’m not totally there yet but I’m pretty sure that by the time I’m 70 I shall be fully authentic…..with a pink rinse! Copyright © 2020 Entrepreneur Media, Inc. All rights reserved. I struggle with this every day. He told the sold out arena that he always appreciated how receptive and forgiving the crowd was back then even though he was so nervous he forgot the lyrics to his own song at one point. Once you know that you can truly start to find out what makes you happy. This is something that I am definitely working on, being confident in my skin and owning who I am. He told stories of his career and that embarrassing moment five years earlier. Mariah King. The bravest of companies are reaping a host of benefits, including: Nobody wants a world of work wasteland. She sat on the message all morning, not knowing how to respond at all this time; she hadn’t done anything to her colleagues to better herself, and yet again, he had convinced her that maybe, just maybe, she had. It should be so easy to just be ourselves, but yet we all do seem to put ourselves under pressure to aspire to be someone else (or the Pinterest version of themselves that we usually get to see.) And the best part is that the more you are authentic, the more you give others the courage to also be authentic and your circle of true friends will grow exponentially. Just use promo code SYOB99 to claim your offer. What if we start believing that the best way to be “happy” was not to be like someone else, but instead to be OURSELVES? After attending Elliot Masie’s 2014 Learning Conference for the second consecutive year, where again I spoke (and PeopleFluent has sponsored), I find there’s hope. There were no walls or filter. Brett Eldredge’s Twitter profile reads “Step into the weirdness." We as a whole have become detached, uninterested, apathetic. This is a mindset I hope to encourage in my daughter, to see through today’s emphasis on the superficial. Have an incredible, amazing, magical day everyone! . Criticizing your own product is weird, but it’s also authentic and memorable. . With the bravery of being out of range…”. You should consider submitting this to a girls’ magazine. #ourbeautifuldog #kingcharl, Loving all these gorgeous handmade soaps I’m so, worried about my little girl #livingfearlesslyauthentic #mg, parenthood, loneliness and finding your tribe, why the pursuit of money is not the pursuit of happiness. “Many artists allow Nashville, their managers, agents or record labels to change them in the hopes of achieving greater fame and fortune," he says. Have you joined in my Instagram Community Yet? It's weird how that works. Granger Smith is not normal. This is my life and I had to stand up and say “no more”. No-one else matters. Time to Shake It Off! I am, Dad. But only I was capable of making the changes that had to be made. (Case in point: Volkswagen.). This is a really interesting and thought provoking post. Authenticity starts with defining 'who' you really are. Related: Are You Living Your Most Authentic Self? Maybe you’ve experienced something like this, or maybe you know someone who has.

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