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Zimbabwe has recorded at least 102 deaths, over 200 injuries and 250 people either missing or stranded. This led to the reintroduction of the Zimbabwean dollar in 2019, bringing back high levels of hyperinflation. Annual inflation peaked at 231 million percent in July 2008. When the hyperinflation started taking place in Zimbabwe people started hoarding to keep from paying more tomorrow.

These services have allowed businesses to sustain themselves and people to buy a house or afford schooling during such periods of economic strife. %PDF-1.5 %���� causes of Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation, its effects and how it was stopped are particularly instructive.

Hyperinflation is a serious problem, with many negative effects, it's time you became familiar with it, and eventually be prepared to survive it (just in case). There is much arguing about the cause and blame for the nation’s downturn, but most importantly there Background Zimbabwe is a landlocked country with a population of approximately thirteen million people, and 80 percent of them live in the rural areas (ZimStat, 2012). Mugabe’s policies regarding land redistribution from white commercial farmers to the majority black population had the undesired effect of widespread food shortages and economic sanctions from the U.S. and E.U.

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Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe has had the effect of lowering GDP per capita by 38% and increasing the unemployment rate to more than 70%, which in turn has increased poverty. Hyperinflation then reached incomprehensible rates of 79.6 billion percent.

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