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Jay Sulli leaves the broadcast area and tries to tell the ref that he had something in his tights but the ref doesn’t really care and they go to commercial break.

Funk interviews Glen Osbourne who vows to win the ECW TV title and take down all the other challengers! They show the same Sandman video from the previous week. He made up for it with a gut-wrench suplex. They show a video featuring highlights from the W*ING promotion. Hot Body celebrates. Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot vs. Super Destroyers (Semi Finals of the Tag Title Tournament) Snuka whips Cairo into the ropes and misses a clothesline. Cairo gets in a chop and a flying elbow into the corner. He was 33. Samoan Warrior finally gets in the ring. Surfin’ USA!!! Cairo Irish whips Snuka into the ropes and backdrops him. Eddie & Freddie Gilbert Interview Cairo slams Snuka a couple of times and gets him with a kick.

So Gilbert wasn't real. They show highlights of The Dark Patriot and J.T. Aired on 8/3/1993. Winters brings in Michaels and holds him for Stetson to do a top rope legdrop on Michaels for the win. Eddie Gilbert vs. Terry Funk (Summer Sizzler, Texas Chain Match Massacre), Disc 2 Gilbert attacks Funk Good teamwork shown by Stetson & Winters. Trainer: Tommy Gilbert. He tells Smith to sit down and let Osbourne and the Dark Patriot have a singles match because he’s in no condition to wrestle. Funk isn’t too thrilled by the stalling early in the match!

Gilbert throws Smith at the building doors. Disc 1. Jimmy Snuka © (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Tommy Cairo for the ECW TV Title. He invites fans to attend the upcoming TV tapings that will feature Stan Hansen, Eddie Gilbert, Paul E. Dangerously, Tito Santana, Jimmy Snuka, Don Muraco, the Koloffs, Sensational Sherri and several others. Gilbert’s upset again. Watch and see how the seeds of hardcore wrestling were planted by "Hotstuff" Eddie Gilbert. Hot Stuff International (Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot) (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Glen Osbourne & J.T. Eddie Gilbert, Dark Patriot & Don Muraco vs. Larry Winters, Glen Osborne & Tommy Cairo Terry Funk Interview He used to work for the biggies - Ted Turner's WCW and Vince McMahon's WWF.

Smith but he gets stopped. Eddie Gilbert & Ron Jaworski Brawl

Snuka then uses the ropes for leverage to get the pin on Cairo. Eddie Gilbert watches a interview of Terry Funk on the ranch They think it was a heart attack. Smith showing up with his leg and arm bandaged up and reminds everyone about the balcony incident. Terry Funk threatens Scott Bakula and breaks a locker door over his own head in the clip! Smith vs. Eddie Gilbert & Terry Funk Confrontation; Eddie Gilbert & Jimmy Snuka Interview; Funk puts over J.T. Eddie Gilbert vs. Herve Renesto (Chain Match)

Eddie Gilbert vs. Terry Funk Feud Recap I really like ECW’s show intro at this point because it has that feel you had of indie wrestling from that period combined with the feel of those wrestling TV shows that would pop-up throughout the ’90s featuring ex-WWE/F stars and at the same time you see some snippets of what ECW would later become when they went from being Eastern Championship Wrestling to Extreme Championship Wrestling. Gilbert then decks JT with the foreign object and gets the cover 1-2-3.

Smith says he isn’t going to back down and tells Eddie Gilbert that he’s going to wrestle in the match. Hunter Q Robbins III & the Super Destroyers interrupt the interview and attack Winters and Stetson. He’s also wearing sunglasses but he does remove them. Eddie Gilbert Interview Terry Funk joins Jay Sulli on commentary for this match. Smith. I approve of Glen Osbourne’s use of Skid Row’s “Slave to the Grind” as his entrance song! Smith armdrags Gilbert who gets a pep talk from Paul E. Dangerously. This match is joined in progress with Super Ninja having the edge on Cairo. Eddie Gilbert applies a figure-four leglock on Smith! They brawl on the outside as the show is ending. Twitter: https://twitter.com/therealfredo They start the match out with some technical wrestling but very quickly Hot Body takes control of the match. Eddie Gilbert continued to annoy Tod Gordon on this week’s show.

He also hypes up the arrival of wrestlers from the Japanese promotion W*ING. He smashes Smith’s knee in the ringpost. Snuka rolls out of the ring and talks with Paul E. Snuka gets back in the ring and pushes Cairo into the ropes and knees him.

Eddie Gilbert looks for a new co-host of the show Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 5/29/1982. Paul E. Dangerously yells at the referee. The Dark Patriot distracts Osbourne and the referee and Eddie Gilbert uses a chair to hit J.T. Michaels is introduced as being from New York, so he gets a “New York Sucks” chant directed at him. Eddie Gilbert & Jimmy Snuka vs. JT Smith & Max Thrasher Winters and Stetson hit a double-team suplex on Michaels. Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 5/29/1982. End of in-ring career: 1995. The Sandman is pleased to be on the show and says it is a pleasure to be there with Terry Funk and with the fans. He then applied the Cobra Clutch on Kodiak Bear for the submission win. As Cairo has the pin, Johnny Hot Body runs in and attacks Cairo. ECW Television Title Tournament First Round: #3 Glen Osbourne vs. #5 Johnny Hot Body. Watch and see how the seeds of hardcore wrestling were planted by “Hotstuff” Eddie Gilbert. I think most are far more familiar with his later gimmick but don’t sleep on him as a surfer from Southern Beach, California!!! Smith’s injured leg. Snuka gets near the ropes and Cairo breaks away. Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot Interview Wonderful introduces Eddie Gilbert as the guest commentator for this week. Eddie Gilbert, Jimmy Snuka & Don Muraco Interview Gilbert puts on some foreign object on his hand. I really miss the good ol’ days when wrestling promotions didn’t care about music copyrights! The Dark Patriot tosses Osbourne out of the ring and stomps on Smith as he leaves with a victory. Clips of the formation of Paul E. & Eddie Gilbert’s Army Beginning of in-ring career: 10.02.1979.

Eddie Gilbert, Terry Funk Interview Winters & Stetson are the #1 Contenders to the ECW Tag Team Titles. J.T. Referee is still out. YES!!!! Paul E. & Terry Funk Interview

This was a match from the 6/19/1993 “Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular” show. They open the show with a recap of last week’s press conference covering “Ultra Clash” with Eddie Gilbert interrupting. Hot Body puts Osbourne on the top rope and tries for a superplex. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/retrowrasslin/. Eddie Gilbert & Jimmy Snuka Interview Don Muraco says they have no issues anymore. Osbourne head-butts the top corner turnbuckle to get hyped up. Osbourne head-butts the top corner turnbuckle to get hyped up. He hits a really nice belly-to-back suplex out of the corner on Osbourne. The Dark Patriot grabs hold of Smith’s knee and starts attacking it while Eddie distracts the referee and Osbourne. Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful are back announcing. Gilbert misses an elbow on Smith. Terry Funk tells him it is his pleasure because he knows what The Sandman has done for the kids and the community. Eddie Gilbert vs. JT Smith (Round 1 of the ECW TV Title Tournament) Snuka gets a thumb into Cairo’s throat and follows with a couple of chops. Paul E. Interview & Eddie Gilbert Video Eddie Gilbert & Paul E. Interview on the streets Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot vs. Tommy Cairo & JT Smith (1st Round of the Tag Title Tournament) Funk pours water into Gilbert’s shirt and Eddie leaves. Have questions, comments or show review suggestions? Eddie Gilbert vs. Glen Osborne (Semi Finals of the ECW TV Title Tournament) I approve of Glen Osbourne’s use of Skid Row’s “Slave to the Grind” as his entrance song! Eddie Gilbert & Todd Gordon in the Control Room

Hot Body then fouls Osbourne and goes for a piledriver. Gilbert notices J.T. Winters sends the Samoan to the outside. Eddie Gilbert Interview Very trippy outfit worn by The Sandman. Adventures of “The King” Eddie Gilbert Disc 1 Eddie Gilbert & Terry Funk Confrontation Eddie Gilbert & Jimmy Snuka Interview Jimmy Snuka vs. Hawk (Gilbert runs in & throws a fireball at Hawk) He whips Cairo into the ropes and Cairo tries for a sunset flip but Snuka lands on him and gets a 2-count. Sandman then hit a slingshot shoulder block at Kodiak Bear. Gordon mentions that he’ll be announcing some of the matches happening on September 18th at Ultra Clash. Smith. Terry Funk praises The Sandman and calls him a great athlete and a worthy champion. Hot Body tries to clothesline Osbourne but he ducks and instead hits the referee. Larry Winters & Tony Stetson vs. Chris Michaels & Samoan Warrior. J.T. Terry Funk tries to quote The Jeffersons “Moving On Up” line and gets it wrong. Smith. The tag match was mostly Gilbert and Dark Patriot trying to injure Smith further as part of that feud’s progression. Created by Paul Heyman, the owner of HHG Corporation (parent company of ECW), it presented original ECW matches on Friday nights and was the only national television program in ECW's history. Gilbert hits a clothesline to knock down Smith. Test of strength by Gilbert and Smith turns to Gilbert kneeing Smith in the mid-section. The Dark Patriot gets upset at Eddie.

Mid-South Wrestling was now known as the UWF, and was Bill Watts' attempt to move his company into a national spotlight to compete with both McMahon's WWF and Crockett's NWA. Referee calls for the bell as Smith submits. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/retrowrasslin/. WINNERS: Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot. Smith feud by re-airing their singles match with the balcony dive followed by a tag match featuring both. Eddie Gilbert quickly attacks Smith and they brawl immediately. Hot Body then hit a running dive off the ring apron at Osbourne. Eddie Gilbert & Jimmy Snuka vs. Glen Osborne & Tommy Cairo

Clips of Gilbert vs. Funk Chain Match & Terry Funk Interview Your winner and moving on to to the second round of the ECW TV Title Tournament….Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert! Good match. Jimmy Snuka w/ Eddie Gilbert vs. Larry Winters (Round 1 of the ECW TV Title Tournament)

Osbourne whips Hot Body into the corner. Referee calls for the bell as Smith submits. Tod Gordon mentions this match was a little over a week after the singles match between The Dark Patriot and J.T.

Hot Body hits a snap suplex on Osbourne on the floor. Hot Body tosses Osbourne to the outside. Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot Interview Samoan Warrior misses a corner splash on Stetson and hits his head on the top turnbuckle. Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot vs. Sandman & Sal Bellomo (Finals of the Tag Title Tournament), ECW Dreamer vs. Raven Special Edition Set. Wrestling style: Allrounder.

Eddie Gilbert Jason The Terrible Tommy Gilbert Jr.

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