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Monty and Miller • Neither Raven nor Finn volunteer readily but then Finn finally says he'll do it.

She drugs Jaha, knocking him out. Relationship Information Nicknames Release Information In Stealing Fire, Marcus is given the death sentence for his crimes of betrayal against the acting Chancellor (Pike). At the end of the episode, Kane and Abby are together speaking Bellamy, Clarke, and Jaha. Clarke and Madi • At the end of the episode, when Bellamy and Clarke leave Polis, Abby and Kane stay behind together. In Resurrection, Abby finds Marcus in the rubble and tries to save him. Un jour, Jake découvrit que le système gérant l'oxygène de l'Arche était défaillant. Clarke and Lexa • Perversion de l'Instanciation, Part 2, https://the100.fandom.com/fr/wiki/Abigail_Griffin?oldid=20717. Abby is given a spot because she is essential personnel, the remaining spots are filled by lottery. Rasheed NewsonT.J.

Marcus stops her from saving him because he knows she'll be condemned to death, too. They are seemingly separated until Stealing Fire. Bellamy tells her he thinks they should get everyone inside the drop ship and lock them up because sick is better than dead by the Grounders if Finn and Jasper don't pull it off. Clarke orders a quarantine. Elle s'inquiète pour Clarke, car cette dernière a décidé après les événements du Mont Weather de ne pas revenir à Arkadia et de vivre comme Grounders, mais tout le monde la rechercher, car elle est désormais connue sous le nom de Wanheda après qu'elle ait irradié tout les habitants du Mont Weather.

Monty and Harper • Affiliation In Resurrection, Abby finds Marcus trapped under rubble after the missile hits Tondc. and the City of Light, they hug along with all the other reunited couples. He orders everyone but Connor and Derek out of the drop ship. She wants to pass on the Chancellorship right away but Marcus makes her wait until they can get back to Arkadia and have a proper election so the people can decide. Perversion de l'Instanciation, Part 1, 16.

Kane notices she's no longer wearing her necklace with Jake's ring and they kiss. Abigail "Abby" Griffin est un des personnages principaux des six saisons de la série The 100. Writer(s) Des années plus tard Abby va elle même poster la vidéo. Monty asks why Jasper turned her down and Jasper calls her "low hanging fruit." Director Later, Abby tells Kane she is no longer needed in Polis by Roan and she needs to return to Arkadia. When Clarke kills Dante Wallace, Cage Wallace puts Abby on the operating table and is prepared to kill her. Clarke then tells Finn to flee camp with anyone healthy enough to go with him. Abigail naquit sur l'Arche. However, Jaha is the one who launches the Ark manually and Abby and Marcus are sent to Earth. Occupation Abby aida à l'organisation et au fonctionnement du programme destinée à envoyer les 100 sur Terre. Jasper orders two delinquents to get Bellamy into the drop ship.

Marcus is extremely distressed and says that they can donate bone marrow and that nobody has to die.

She asks Connor who else was with them when they found Murphy, and Connor admits it was Octavia. Habitat When they arrive at the bridge, Finn realizes she's still building the bomb.

Murphy returns to camp claiming to have been held captive and tortured by the Grounders. Finn and Jasper are running through the woods, toward her and the war drums. Status Meanwhile, a mysterious virus strikes the camp, forcing many to be quarantined. Mais le Conseil le lui interdit, pensant que cela ne causerait que la peur et la révolte.

Station Alpha, L'Arche (autrefois)Terre (autrefois)Arkadia (autrefois)Cité des Lumières (autrefois)Bunker de la Seconde Aube (autrefois)La Vallée (autrefois)Eligius IV (actuellement) S2

On Earth, Marcus is the first person to follow Abby out of the Ark ship once it lands.

Il a été envoyé à la dérive.

Kane tells Abby he wishes he was with her and tells her to stay safe. Âge Marcus returns to Camp Jaha in Spacewalker and the two rejoice at the sight of each other. In the drop ship, Octavia and Murphy are tending to the sick. It turns out that a badly beaten and tortured John Murphy has returned to their camp after having been banished by Clarke and Bellamy. Nathan and Bryan • 40-41 ans (S1-S4)46-47 ans (S5)171-172 ans (chronologiquement ; fin S5) Titre/Alias Jasper pulls off a heroic move.

The Grounder army begins to cross the bridge as Jasper shoots toward the bomb.

https://the100.fandom.com/wiki/Kane_and_Abby?oldid=219041. Henry Ian CusickGreyston Holt Episode Guide • Transcript In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), after they are captured by Mount Weather and Abby has her bone marrow extracted, they return to Camp Jaha, holding hands. In Gimme Shelter, Kane radios Abby and informs her for the black rain. Jasper and Harper • In the end, he tells her that they need to survive then they can find their humanity again. He then tells her that the Grounders will attack at dawn and asks her to come with him as he is leaving to another clan. Kane and Abby •

Octavia and Indra • Mais le Conseil le lui interdit, pensant que cela ne causerait que la peur et la révolt…

Abigail Griffin Finn defends himself, saying that no one dies if he blows up a bridge.

Later, in the temple, Abby checks Kane's crucifixion wounds. After Abby gives guns to the Delinquents to help them escape and look for Clarke and the others in Inclement Weather, Marcus sentences her to shock-lashing in Reapercussions. Clarke and Anya • Clarke comes over and gives Bellamy some water. He tells her he's scared and she tells him she won't let anything happen to him, the same promise that he made her when she was born. Kabby In The Other Side Abby learns that Kane has been locked outside of the bunker by Clarke and Jaha. The two then do not meet again until Join or Die, when Marcus goes to Polis to accompany Pike and survey the grounders' torture of him.


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