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Dillon, recognized for their signature blue colored presses, and is highly respected in the reloading community. Primers Off The Floor, Thekkiinngg Dillon XL 650/750,1050,Square Deal 'B',RL 550 Reloading Counter Rounds Press Counter, THEKKIINNGG et Dessin Dillon XL 650,1050 Cam Watch Stainless Tumbler Pin Reloading Press Camera Smart, Thekkiinngg Dillon XL 650/750 Reloading Counter Rounds Press Counter for Dillon 650, Frankford Arsenal DS-750 Digital Reloading Scale with LCD Display for Reloading, THEKKIINNGG et Dessin Dillon XL 650 Spent Primer Catcher/Upgrade Funel Part Version 3, Hornady 095160 Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant (AP, PISTOL BULLET AND CASE FEEDERS), 110 Volt, LEE PRECISION 90667, Pro 1000, Load-Master Progressive Press, Case Collator, Dillon XL 650 Missed Live Primer Chute (ski Jump) fix, LEE PRECISION 90670, Deluxe Power Quick Trim Case Trimmer, Oregon Chain Saw Premium Grease Gun 40469-A, DROK Auto Digital Counter, 0-999999 Tally Counter Panel Gauge, 6 Digits Mini Customer Traffic Counter, Electronic Totalizer with Photoelectric Switch, Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Impact Bullet Puller - Stuck Case Remover for Ammo Reloading with Interchangeable Collets, Frequencies Handsfree Personal Fitness Wand Guns Electric Multi-Angle Machine Realistic Did-lo Waterproof Vibrańtor Vibrańting Speed for Women Panties, Thekkiinngg Dillon Super 1050 Spent Primer Catcher/Upgrade Funel Part, Rechargeable Vi-bration Electric G-un Machine Dido MachineGuns Different Enjoyment Updated Multi-Angle Adjustable Automatic for Women Fun Toys Enjoy, City Shirts Dillon Football Retro DT Adult Tank Top, Lee Precision Load Master 45 Reloading Pistol Kit, Thekkiinngg Dillon XL 650 Spent Primer Catcher/Upgrade Funel Part, Primer Catcher Design for Dillon 1050 / Super. CA, I have noticed you don’t monetize your website, don’t waste your traffic, you can earn extra bucks every month because you’ve got hi quality Here are a few from our selection.
If you have a Dillon XL-650, you may be wondering exactly what all of the differences are between the XL-650 and the XL-750. For years, Dillon Precision has been the #1 choice of reloaders wordwide. 6) I am not 100% thrilled with the way Dillon uses a metal rod that attaches to the metal bracket on primer dispenser to activate the powder drop release back into position for refill. This will result in a lost station, which means a primer goes unused. Dillon Precision Products, Inc. © 2020 | All Rights Reserved | 8009 East Dillons Way Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | 800-762-3845, Powder Measures, Accessories & Failsafe Systems, Blue Press International Catalog Subscription. You’ll want to take the shellholder plate off and blow/wipe the powder out. The Lee also has more “feeling” to it, where I could tell what was going on much more easily. For now, I left the roller handle on the press. Most carry a lifetime warranty against breakage and wear. Now, after you drop the primers into the tube, they don’t automatically time up with the cases that are falling from the case feeder. We publish The Blue Press catalog monthly but did you know it is also available in digital format ? So, there are a few fixes online that you can attempt to mitigate this “flaw”, but I have opted to do none.

Dillon 650 Ejector Wire FIX! It takes much longer to fix the problem and hold up the rest of production than it is to save it for later. 40 bids. If you want to know how to make extra bucks, search for: Mertiso’s tips You can see why it takes a while to change calibers. A heavy cabinet and thick benchtop will do. But given that I have two empty stations, I’m not sure what would need to go there. There’s simply too much “play” and “forgiveness” in progressive systems; too many moving parts to make that kind of ammo. Thanks for reading!

Your Silver Bullet in Reloading Equipment and Supplies! Dillon XL650/XL750 Conversion Kits for Sale. While you can purchase directly from Dillon Precision, I recommend buying from Brian Enos because they bundle quite a few options together to make the purchase process simpler (even then, it’s still confusing). 11) Dillon powder measures have worked pretty well for me and work pretty much like any other powder measure. For some reason, there was much more forgiveness in the Lee press. It gets all over the place underneath the shell plate and starts getting gritty when the shellplate indexes to the next station. In addition to world-class reloaders, we sell carry a full assortment of accessories and supplies to complement all our reloaders.
This is 100% a preferential issue and clearly, I dont even know which one I prefer. So while the first case hits position 2 on the second push and pull of the press activation arm, the first primer won’t hit position 2 until after the 8th pull. Fine powders are much worse than course powders. The Dillon XL 650 Reloading Press is a 5 stage progressive press, meaning that every time you push the arm down and pull it back up, you are completing up to 5 stages at once….that is the essence of progressive presses: Multiple completion of steps for every pull. Durability - Our reloaders go the distance. Titan Reloading offers Dillon Precision Products at affordable pricing. I’m not sure which came first, but my guess is they switched the spring assisted model out for the multi-lever type, and I don’t like it. It’s a nice post.You describe the article with pictures it’s very good us .So I understand easily Dillon XL 650 it is the best.Thanks for sharing. 5) Sometimes there might be an upside-down case that goes down the shoot. The only thing you need to do is to put the bullet on top of the case at the 3rd station. We have a reloading solution for you. Because you shared your experience, it’s helped me to know Reloading Press. For those of you considering trying to save some money, this is an area I would not skimp on. a few seconds. Once you have the press set up for the caliber you are reloading for, you need to adjust the dies in the toolhead. Good at in-process changes (all progressive loaders, really….not Dillon specific), Super-Accurate, high competition-grade quality. Here’s how I have mine set up: So now that you have your dies set up to the proper length and powder amount, charge up your primer tube, dump some processed brass into the casefeeder and turn it on and it will start dropping brass for you, get your bullets to the side, and you’re ready to reload! Dillon Precision is the premier manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment in the USA. Here’s the short list of items that need changing (utilizing quick change kits): In addition to changing these quick change items out, some of them may need adjusting. Then again, so can the standard ball lever. Suffice it to say, all the options make life easier, and your situation will determine which options you NEED and which options would be nice. Here’s what this press is NOT intended to be: That last one might give you cause for concern, and many may balk and call me crazy. It would many times longer if I didn’t have the Quick Change options. Lot’s of different options out there to suit everyone’s preference. The system is spring loaded, so while it indexes perfectly, it also snaps in place to get there, spilling powder as it snaps. Dillon Bullet tray for Dillon Strong Mount XL 550, 650, 750 & SDB, Black or Blue, Spent Primer Chute for Dillon XL-650 & XL-750 Reloading Press, Locator Button Pin Tab for Dillon Precision 550, 650, 750 & 1050 Reloading Press, Armanov Clickable Dillon Precision Powder Thrower Adjustment Knob, Dillon Case Feeder Plate Small Rifle (21074), Index Bearing Block for Dillon Precision XL-650 Reloading Press Made in USA. 34 product ratings - (2) Dillon Precision XL 650 750 . Thank you for your time, Scottsdale Store (MST) Mon-Fri: 9am-4pm, Sat 9am-1pm.

With options for every skill level, we have you covered. There are so many stages to reloading, especially with progressive presses, that there is just no easy way to give out meaningful information without practically writing a book. From the top of the base of the press (underside of the bolt head), to the bottom of the bolt, you have a MAXIMUM of 2-9/16″ before the ram linkage will hit the screw.

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