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He deserted his poor share of the conquered land, and in many cases returned to Africa. According to the legend the saint, accompanied by St Brendan of Birr, followed the king to Tara and solemnly cursed it, from which time it was deserted. Then, however, the Russian government held out inducements to settlers, and these have been responded to by Russians, Greeks, Armenians and Rumanians, but the process of repeopling the long deserted territory is slow and difficult. , Once cholera struck Old Hancock City, citizens deserted the place for fear of the disease.

lonely. Ferdinand, however, deserted the English alliance, and amid the consequent irritation against everything Spanish, there was talk of a divorce between Henry and Catherine (1514), whose issue had hitherto been attended with fatal misfortune. Two chiefs of the Albanians joined his party, but many of his soldiers deserted. incarcerated in a cell at Category A Wakefield Prison for six years, deserted by your wife and children, your life entirely destroyed. They felt a strange presence in the deserted house. The movie, “Jaws,” instilled a fear in beachgoers which left many beaches deserted. After the rebellion relief was accorded because the obstacle was removed, and it is evident that a broad-minded statesman, or a skilful diplomat, would have accomplished more for French Canada than the fiery eloquence and dubious methods of a leader who plunged his followers into the throes of war, and deserted them at the supreme moment. Salt Lake City was prominently identified with the Mormon church in its struggle with the United States government; in 1858 it was entirely deserted upon the approach of the United States troops. At Peshawar the great monastery built by Kanishka was deserted, but the populace remained faithful. A parliamentary majority was now secured for the minister's policy by bribery and threats, and with the aid of Henry Fox, who deserted his party to become leader of the Commons. Joy deserted my heart, and for a long, long time I lived in doubt, anxiety and fear. the N.W., the medieval castle on its mound (partly artificial and not a strong position, according to Istakhri) being almost deserted but still forbidden to visitors. 2.

Pliny also asks for a decision on the status and maintenance of deserted children (65), and on the custom of distributing public doles on the occasion of interesting events in the life of a private citizen.

On the 12th of September he came upon Montrose, deserted by his Highlanders and guarded only by a little group of followers, at Philiphaugh. This section of southwest Oregon has many long, The room beyond was unfurnished, decorated in shades of pale stone, and utterly, We observed several instances of Crested and Chimango caracaras feeding on rhea eggs in, Towering bridges crossed creeks, ravines and canyons, while down below huge waves swept across rocks and, Early on a June morning last year, four police officers drew up outside a warehouse on a, The humour which made him a firm favourite with lounge and cabaret audiences never, It's the holidays, and things are buzzing with human activity, in a usually, Having an interest in all things vulpine, I was immediately hooked, and, Two men wake to find themselves chained at opposite ends of a, Stroll from the hotel, past a scattering of houses, to the, We have a protective nurturing mother who has been, Click here for a gallery of pictures of the, Tan participated in an exhibition Cai organized in Taiwan, presenting an installation in a, The sick woman was then allowed to take possession of the, Limited observational and experimental studies of birds indicate that smaller broods are more often, Today his crumply white face has filled out again, his belly is back with a vengeance and his clothes sense has, You may not be astonished to hear that the plane crash-lands on the beach of a, Somewhere in the South Pacific, a plane en route from Sydney to the U.S. crash-lands on a verdant, When no one answered the telephones in these, Investigations continue to see whether other police officers, Search specialists and sniffer dogs were also deployed as police extended the cordon to more than 300 metres from the, The Warhols will be starting parties for decadent pleasure seekers in, I drank it all in, just being there in the almost, Yet the same amount of indignant anger seems to have, Usually a busy thoroughfare, at weekends the foyer was. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. According to a famous legend the women were all deserted by their husbands, and in revenge murdered every man on the island. In 1782 a new capital, Amarapura, was founded by Bodaw Paya, but was deserted again in favour of Ava by King Baggidaw in 1823. The copper mines of South Australia were for the time deserted, while Tasmania and New Zealand lost many inhabitants, who emigrated to the more promising country. This was the manner of life which St Anthony (q.v.) The obloquy under which Jameslaboured increased when the Thirty Years War broke out (1618), and when his daughter Elizabeth, whose husband, the electorpalatine, was the unhappy claimant to the Bohemian crown (1619), stood forth as the lovely symbol of the deserted Protestantism of Europe. Peter practically deserted his unfortunate consort a little more than a year after their union. 1K. After the fall of Acre the Christians deserted the place, which was then destroyed by the Moslems. Rural churches were deserted, and the connection between the land and the bounty of harvests was gone. The quality of these coins (weighing about 81 grains troy) was low, and at last deteriorated so much that the Tibetans deserted the Nepal mints. Many of the cities of Asia revolted, and his most trusted friends deserted him. It may be possible either that these tribes are the autochthonous inhabitants who dwelt in Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua before the immigration of the prehistoric Maya peoples; or else that they invaded this region after it had been deserted by a prehistoric oriental branch of the Maya family. The houses which they haunt, and beneath or near which their bodies are buried, are deserted from time to time, especially by a newly-married couple or by women before child-birth. It was not unlike the Ocean Shore in Norfolk, only smaller and completely deserted. Artabanus was deserted by his followers and fled to the East. Show More Sentences Most lie along desertedhillsides in the uplands, just beyond the margins of modern agriculture. The landing overlooked the parched desert surrounding the black fortress.

During the winter earwigs lie dormant; but in the early months of the year females with their eggs may be found in the soil, frequently in deserted earthworm burrows. In 1892, on the accession of the khedive Abbas II., Turkey resumed possession of Akaba, the Egyptian pilgrims having deserted the land route to Mecca in favour of a sea passage. On 21st June, 1941, a german sergeant deserted to the Soviet forces. The garrison of Damascus took fright, and deserted their posts, so that `Amr Ashdaq was compelled to surrender. The castle, being evidently deserted, was in ruins in 1586. In the summer there were threatening movements of United Maximilian States troops towards the Rio Grande; early in 1866 deserted by Napoleon III. This bright messenger bag depicts the one and only Cruella De Vil in all her cackling, evil glory, standing in front of the deserted mansion. In Alemtejo the climate is very unfavourable, and, though the heat is not so great as in Algarve (where Lagos has a mean of 63°), the country has a more deserted appearance; while in winter when the Tagus overflows, unhealthy swamps are left. She deserted the stage for army. The marriage, however, became known, and a great outcry arose against Philip, whose friends quickly deserted him. deserted coves, pretty fishing ports or the busy resort of Salou. He first came into prominence at the court of Peter the Cruel, whose cause he finally deserted; he greatly distinguished himself in subsequent campaigns, during which he was twice made prisoner, by the Black Prince at Najera (1367) and by the Portuguese at Aljubarrota (1385). At his death (May 8th, 1238) at Damascus, his son Abfl Bakr was appointed to succeed with the title Malik al-AdilSaif al-din; but his elder brother Malik al-Salil~t Najm al-dIn Ayyub, having got possession of Damascus, immediately started for Egypt, with the view of adding that country to his dominions: meanwhile his uncle Ismail, prince of Hamath, with the prince of Horns, seized Damascus, upon hearing which the troops of Najm al-din deserted him at Nablus, when he fell into the hands of Malik al-N~ir, prince of Kerak, who carried him off to that city and kept him a prisoner there for a time; after which he was released and allowed to return to Nablus.

Lord Chelmsford and the reconnoitring party returned to find the camp deserted; next day they retreated to Rorke's Drift, which had been the scene of an heroic and successful defence. Lords who did not wish to see their estates deserted had to submit to the rule of custom in respect of exactions. During the ninth decade of the 19th century many Persian subjects emigrated, and many Persian villages were deserted and fell to ruins; since then a small immigration has set in and new villages have been founded. Multitudes of people have, even in this short interval, come from the hills and fastnesses in which they had sought refuge for years, and have reoccupied their ancient deserted villages. In 1865 an earthquake levelled the villages of Darveh Asul near Muga'rn; in 1880 an earthquake caused 120 deaths in Basra; in 1883 severe shocks were felt from Bushire to Tahiri; in 1884 an earthquake caused 132 deaths on Qishm I., which was in consequence deserted; in 1897 an earthquake destroyed Qishm town and caused over I,000 deaths; further shocks were experienced at Qishm and Bandar `Abbas in 1902 and 1905. Beyond the deserted office rooms we were at a central stairwell, at the bottom of which was a two-storey statue of Algeroth. CORIOLI, an ancient Volscian city in Latium adiectum, taken, according to the Roman annals in 493 B.C., with Longula and Pollusca, and retaken (but see above) for the Volsci by Gaius Marcius Coriolanus, its original conqueror, who, in disgust at his treatment by his countrymen, had deserted to the enemy. The Scriptures read, if at all, in the erroneous versions were being deserted for the Sentences of Peter Lombard.

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