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What would your execution rankings be? Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (ダンガンロンパ 希望の学園と絶望の高校生, Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei?, lit.Danganronpa: ¡Un instituto esperanzador con estudiantes desesperados! A small pride of male lions emerges from the hallway behind the door, roaring and looking straight at Shishi.

Despite not being a weapon Robin Hood typically uses, or a weapon related to the sport of archery as a whole, a crossbow is still used in this execution. Once the final punishment was done, they could leave to their homes. Celeste was a true manipulator, pulling off the first double murder in the series after manipulating the gullible Hifumi to help her kill and cover up her first victim before tying up loose ends by killing her accomplice. As the first comedic punishment, it managed to have a decent amount of anticipation before the bait and switch, which both helped and hurt its position on the list. The executions will be real ones from the games and fanmade ones made by me and other people. So when Junko decided that she needed a group of followers to help her spread despair around the world, she used a combination of brainwashing and the murder of their beloved classmate to drive them all insane by forcing them all to watch her death. Peko Pekoyama, the Ultimate Swordswoman and Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, the Ultimate Gangster, were childhood associates, with the former being the latter’s bodyguard. This category lists all of the characters who have been through the process of Executions within the Danganronpa franchise. The very first execution of the series gains much more significance once the game has reached its conclusion compared to when you actually watch it play out, but it’s important for a few reasons. Danganronpa Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Ultimately, it was Peko who was sent to her death since she was the one who actually committed the act. Danganronpa Executions (Fanmade and real) 6.3K 51 7. Although they'd be risking their lives wanting to go into a hellhole filled with nothing but trouble and despair. Ite is slammed against a large archery target, and is shackled by his hands and feet to it as Monokuma walks out of the forest a good distance away wearing a Robin Hood costume and wielding a bow and a quiver full of arrows. As the only execution that was altered due to the graphic nature of the scene in the anime adaptation, the game version was actually toned down from the beta version.

He may have lost an eye, but in return, he gains a whole new level of maturity that carries him through the rest of the game.

A few miss completely. In her final moments she cries out her desire to see her friends again, leading the emotionless Izuru to cry for the first time since transforming into what he had now become. The first few miss and hit the target.

With a whole new game right around the corner, I can only imagine what new, sickening ways the developers will come up with when it comes to killing off our friends. Yet, its this despair that keeps us coming back, and I can’t wait to feel that sting all over again in two weeks. Note: This category does not necessarily mean the executed characters were killed, it simply lists the executed characters who have gone through the process of being executed. Monokuma aims at Ite, raises his hand, and swings it down as the other Monokumas fire the crossbow. As the only execution that made me audibly gasp once it appeared as if we were getting two deaths in one execution, we ended up getting a much more cooperative, level heading Kuzuryu, taking Peko’s death to heart. None of these executions are 'unused' or executions that didn't make the cut for the final Danganronpa games. And then another. Danganronpa Fanfiction Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community.

To see those who survived their execution, see: Category:Survived Execution. Danganronpa OC Talent List {On Hiatus} 10.7K 73 22. Being granted a death fitting for the noble she pretended to be, the Ultimate Gambler has her perfect death snatched from under her feet when her death by burning is interrupted by a fire truck falling on her. As the only real punishment in the Danganronpa 3 anime, the real Chiaki was the class representative to the Danganronpa 2 class. I still get sad thinking about this scene… But there can only be one top execution, and for that, we’ll have to go from the end to the beginning.

Just then, Monokuma runs out of arrows.

Kicking off the list is Mikan’s execution, which was the worst one by a long shot.

Sooo, I do apologize if it doesn't have your talent, but I tried my best so, enjoy! Tuesday 12th September 2017 Ranking The Executions In ‘Danganronpa’ Danganronpa is known for destroying its fans by getting them attached to the characters that make up its colorful cast, then killing them in some of the worst ways possible.With a whole new set of deaths to discover with the impending release of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, we ranked the executions from the first … One, much like Monomi’s death was a wake-up call for the cast of the second game, this being the very first scene you see when you start the game let players know what they were about to be taken on a wild ride of death sprinkled with a bit of lighthearted cartoon imagery. Several more lions pounce at the same time. After being tied to a pole, Kuwata is shot with a ball from a pitching machine. Yet, her comeuppance felt bittersweet, considering the despair obsessed psychopath was actually excited to feel the true despair that only death can bring. If you couldn’t tell, it takes a special kind of sadistic to come up with these executions.

But what makes her death even more noteworthy isn’t so much over how much of a badass she came off as while slicing down all of the dummies trying to kill her, but that in the process, the tough exterior of her boss fades away as he pushes through the danger to try and help her. Disoriented, she is attacks by a lion, who bites into her arm. You may be wondering why Chiaki is here again if she was already killed above?

True despair rose to the surface as our only way to discover the circumstances around the school had seemingly been crushed, but this wouldn’t be the case for long. Suddenly, he’s being shot with hundreds of baseballs all over his body to the point where he eventually dies from the endless injuries being inflicted upon him in such a methodical, painful way. As it turns out, Chiaki was that mole, but all wasn’t as it appeared to be. Teruteru’s execution was one of the saddest. He planned on killing himself and all of his classmates, ridding the world of the criminals they really were and leaving Chiaki as the only survivor. As she seemingly escapes, a room full of spikes shoot from the ground, impaling her entire body and leaving her in a bloody heap.

Signaled by the reveal of Monokuma’s new favorite butter, it’s pretty disgusting when you see the bear eating the remains of your friend on top of his stack of pancakes. The lions gather around her and begin devouring her alive, her whip flying upwards and landing in a pile on the floor.

Danganronpa Execution Ideas. The Ultimate Gamer was a beacon of hope and encouragement for the class in the second game, especially when its protagonist, Hajime Hinata, felt completely lost. ), frecuentemente abreviado como Danganronpa, es una novela visual de misterio desarrollada y publicada por Spike Chunsoft, inicialmente en exclusiva para Japón. Welcome to a Danganronpa quiz. After reaching an agreement to fight and ultimately kill a fellow classmate as a sacrifice to spur the waning crew back into action, Gundham is placed in the path of a heard of stampeding bulls. It turns out the entire game was a virtual simulation meant to rehabilitate some of the worst criminals the world had ever seen, but it had been hacked by the true mastermind on behalf of Junko from the first game. The lion pounces, and Shishi dodges and whips the lion back. This category lists all of the characters who have been through the process of Executions within the Danganronpa franchise. Danganronpa is known for destroying its fans by getting them attached to the characters that make up its colorful cast, then killing them in some of the worst ways possible. She is slammed against the cage again and suffers another electric shock, before collapsing on the ground. Only things didn’t pan out this way, and Chiaki’s undying faith in their true selves helped her convince them to choose her as the killer. It was finally over. This version is actually more tame than the original concept! As the saying goes, you never forget your first. On another note, I feel like dying while being strapped to a desk and being taught reproduction by a robot teddy bear would be a terrible way to go out. While strapped to the seat of his bike, he’s placed in a stunt cage and drives around so fast while being simultaneously electrocuted, that he ends up being liquified.

Instead, we got what was essentially an off screen death for someone who had embraced her dark side at this point in the story, making me feel robbed of the satisfaction of watching one of the bad guys lose AND an interesting death. 17.3K 95 68. Shishi jumps backwards, but hits the cage, revealed to be electrocuted, and Shishi suffers a nasty shock. All of this was unbeknownst to the rest of the group, so when case two came along and it turned out that Peko killed a classmate in Fuyuhiko’s name after being threatened by the victim, who was really responsible? Ite looks around at his classmates in fear and anger, being met with worried or nervous looks all around, eventually looking Seto in the eyes. Not being one to take his fate lying down, he sets up a magic seal, seemingly making good on the demonic power he claimed to possess all this time. The articles in this category may contain spoilers, proceed with caution. You know what the crazy part is? Unfortunately for him, his spell doesn’t activate in time, leading him to being trampled to death. All the while, the class had an underlying suspicion of one another since it was established early on that one of their peers was a mole sent by the mysterious Future Foundation.

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