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The total number of suffering could also be increased if we account for the fact that Cypher would have been responsible for the death of Neo. For starters his actions would have not only cost the lives of Morpheus' crew but the lives in Zion as well. The Matrix. Cypher has grown tired of the Man/Machine war within the Matrix. Cypher (played by Joe Pantoliano) is a character in The Matrix. When Neo quietly approached from behind, Cypher was startled, then switched of… The list of victims in The Matrix series are in this article. Mouse: Shot by SWAT in the Matrix; Dozer: Electrocuted by Cypher using lightning rifle Apoc: Disconnected from Matrix when Cypher retrieves the stuff from the back of his neck, killing him; Switch: Disconnected from Matrix when Cypher retrieves the stuff from the back of her neck, killing her

Cypher was disgusted with the nature of reality in comparison to the relative comforts found within the illusory world of the Matrix.Although a former bluepill, Cypher had skills on the operator console that allowed him to monitor the virtual reality broadcast feeds. Cypher's act is one of desperation and bitterness. In The Matrix, Cypher is the most human character in the story because he has doubt. Cypher's job, as with all other operatives, was to free human minds trapped within the Matrix. Cypher didn’t just show up.

He was allegedly “the one.” If you look at the movie again, Morpheus had picked Cypher as “the one” even though he was not the one. Cypher was born of Morpheus. In the first film of the trilogy, Cypher is one of the rebels from Morpheus' hovercraft, the Nebuchadnezzar. He is referred to as "Mr. Reagan" by Agent Smith. He is bitter because he knows Trinity is falling for Neo. Without her he just regrets the hardships and misery of living without all the comforts of being inside the Matrix. Had she not done that, Cypher may have continued to be loyal to the Real World group. One mind wipe resulting in the deaths of thousands (millions?).

The Matrix: Cypher and the Curse of the Red Pill; Features ... the constant threat of death by machine – leads him to cut a deal with the bad guys.

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