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He persuaded NFL star Jim Brown to launch an acting career. I was like, ‘You’re outta your f—–g mind.’, “One time, Andre and I got into an argument and I took a swing at him,” Avant says. Jerry said, ‘Clarence, you are sick. That was a part of the business.” Through Glaser, Avant was introduced to the similarly notorious Hollywood lawyer and fixer Sidney Korshak, about whom he has several anecdotes not fit for print. Who is Clarence Avant? He had been rejected by virtually every label in town, but Avant heard something in his song “Grandma’s Hands.” “Because everybody’s got a grandma,” he reasoned. Thanks to U.N. ambassador (and former Martin Luther King associate) Andrew Young, Avant was able to secure an audience with Nigerian leader Olusegun Obasanjo, only to offend him by addressing him informally and forgetting his name. “I remember telling him, ‘What am I gonna do with Lalo Schifrin? Engaged with politics ever since the murder of Emmett Till, Avant was active as a fundraiser for various civil-rights causes in the 1960s. Talking with Jerry Moss and Herb Alpert at A&M Records, Avant learned that they had wanted to sign Taylor. He also had these 16 seats behind the visiting dugout at Yankee Stadium, and whenever he’d take me I would try to walk to the back row, and he’d grab me and say, ‘Goddamn it, sit your ass up here with me.’” Glaser even helped Avant buy a home in Beverly Hills, making him one of two black homeowners in the neighborhood at the time. Neptunes-penned track appears in Netflix documentary The Black Godfather. In New Jersey, Avant worked as a stock clerk at Macy’s. I actually didn’t like Cherrelle in the beginning, and Terry kept saying, ‘I’m telling you, she’s got something.’ Then they came with a song, and all I saw was just the title, ‘I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On.’ So I said, all right, sign Cherrelle.”. Nicole Avant graduated in 1984 from the California State University, Northridge with a B.A. Some would believe that “law and order” simply descended upon the land under President Richard Nixon. Not Cumming!’: Meet the Dominatrixes Getting Submissives to Vote Blue, B.B. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. “The seduction of Black popular culture as a vehicle of pacification and social control becomes more obvious.”. “I don’t wanna meet with you, I don’t wanna talk to you, I don’t wanna give you any advice. “Glaser taught me how to think. You’ve got a wife and a baby!’ But I just didn’t want to be an agent. He wasn’t an educated man, but he was brilliant.”, As his clout grew, Avant launched an abortive attempt to found a label, Venture Records, with former Motown A&R head Mickey Stevenson. No. Allegiance to the Democratic half of the duopoly – whether active or passive – is still allegiance to corporate rule, not a strategy for transformative change. “Andrew Young called me up one day, and said, ‘I got this young guy, Clarence, he’s trying to raise money for a film ….’ So I looked at his stuff, and then I said, ‘Andy, this f—–g guy ain’t got a chance in west hell.’, “I saw him recently,” Avant continues. The couple is blessed with two children, Nicole Avant and Alexander Du Bois Avant. He spent his freshman and second years of high school at Dudley High School before moving to New Jersey in 1947when he was a teenager. Sussex’s first few signings were initially commercial disappointments. As we were getting ready to leave, I told the waiter to bring me the bill. Are people foolish enough to believe this is all just “entertainment,” for fun and enjoyment with no political or social agenda? Raymond Nat Turner, BAR poet-in-residence, Rhythms of red, white, blue ‘party’ You always aim up here, and walk down later if you have to. Power. The quintessential guy-behind-the-guy, Clarence Avant has spent his half-century career in the music business staying circumspectly out of the spotlight. You guys write the songs, you’re the producers, I’m not.’ I trusted them. Aren’t we happy such a man provides a role model to emulate? “Mr. sirens; The rush of warm crimson But you can ride the elevator and walk down. But Glaser nonetheless taught him a wealth of lessons about the business, introduced him to a veritable who’s-who in the entertainment industry, and helped make him feel comfortable as one of the few black figures within some very segregated slices of society. Which isn’t to say he can’t still be roused. The two producer-songwriters had first attracted Avant’s attention thanks to their work on the S.O.S. Is it accidental that Citibank’s favorite presidentBarack Obama and his wife have now ventured into the culture industry to produce programming for Netflix? What makesClarence Avant such an important person is that he was the key figure assisting in depicting Black popular culture as the embodiment of the American dream.

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