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H���� The match in 1914 was one between two prime representatives of their respective styles, Ad Santel was the World Light Heavyweight Champion in catch wrestling while Tokugoro Ito claimed to be the World Judo Champion. Coaches like Erik Paulson (who has trained directly under some of catch wrestling’s greatest legends) continue to keep Catch wrestling in the spotlight by constantly training top level fighters in his style Combat Submission Wrestling (which has a strong catch wrestling base).

Holds and locks could be taken anywhere on the body and brutal throws were completely legal in the Lancashire style of catch wrestling. Be it sport, real world self defense, or any combination you may need.

0000004096 00000 n The MOST EFFECTIVE Armbar Series On The Planet. That doesn't mean there weren't some skilled participants. No true.

To most knowledgeable people through the years when you mention pro wrestling, their response usually is, "FAKE!" I’ve been fortunate to have learned originally from the greatest wrestler I have ever seen, Stanley Radwan.

I had to worry about surviving day in and day out in my neighborhood. H��W]�ۺ����-v���x��� ��\�-�6����R����! It started the Catch Wrestling revival and revolution and it's still going strong. They were practiced and applied to be theatrical in nature. There are many notable MMA fighters with traceable catch-wrestling roots; among them are Erik Paulson, Masa Funaki and Ken Shamrock, Frank Shamrock, Kiyoshi Tamura, Ikuhisa Minowa, and Karo Parisyan just to name a few. To play to the crowd.

Santel defeated Ito and went on to be the self proclaimed World Judo Champion. I should know about strength. 149 10 0000000937 00000 n And even today, submission grappling tournaments are very far away from being a realistic fight. In part one we discussed the history of Catch as Catch Can wrestling and explained the difference between Catch wrestling and Brazilian Jiujitsu as well as the influence catch as catch can had on BJJ. The reason I am asking you those three questions is because in my over 20 years as a coach, I have seen and been told those scenarios more times than I can count. The chance of being pinned is one of the biggest differences between Catch and BJJ. And as a reminder, if someone can counter you with a strike, bite, gouge, etc., your training MUST reflect that type of environment. Conditioning was also a major weapon for a catch wrestler, who would sometimes have to wrestle for several hours before winning a match. Learn about my AMERICAN CATCH WRESTLING system in its entirety — from its emphasis on controlling when, where, and how a confrontation takes place to its seamless integration of striking, wrestling, ripping, and submission grappling – and I’m sure you’ll agree that my complete approach to fighting offers an advantage over the rather segmented and artificial way many other “fight systems” piece together various disciplines in the attempt to approximate what in American Catch Wrestling is an organic whole. The Lucky 13 is considered one of the finest and most grueling workout DVD available anywhere in the world.

This is all about violence and ruthlessness.

Training...Period! The challenge matches finally stopped after Santel gave up on the claim of being the World Judo Champion in 1921 in order to pursue a career in full time professional wrestling. The Snake Pit in Wigan is the home of Catch as Catch Wrestling AKA Catch.

I hold the world record in a bodyweight exercise for a heavyweight, doing 122 pushups in 60 seconds. The World's We also run tournaments, so that competitors can test their skills.

Most people aren’t aware that BJJ was influenced by Catch wrestling. The basics are the most crucial element to building a superior fighting machine. �0��`

As someone who has spent over 40 years on the mat studying the art of Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling, I've seen it happen a thousand times. This have never even been approached by anyone of my weight.

The UWF movement was led by catch wrestlers and gave rise to the mixed martial arts boom in Japan.

From the very first day of my training, reality fighting was all I was ever taught. And I've met tons of fighters and martial artists through the years. His level of skill and strength was extraordinary. And it picks up where The Lucky 13 left off. We have special training opportunities to help develop your striking, defense, footwork, and groundfighting skills, as well as world class conditioning. Of course later in my life I met and learned and exchanged techniques with the greatest of Catch Champions, Mr. Lou Thesz. The Kodokan tried to stop the legendary hooker by sending men like 5th degree black belt Reijiro Nagata (who was defeated by Santel by TKO).

trailer I'd like to ask you a few questions before we go any further. I've trained CHAMPIONS in fighting and strength/fitness from all over the globe. We run monthly seminars and an intense week of training each year. You may be here because you’ve heard first-hand stories of the efficiency and ruthlessness of TONY CECCHINE’S AMERICAN CATCH WRESTLING. These programs are geared for the SERIOUS student who wants to learn devastating material here in Chicago, and be put through an intense training regimen designed to quickly get you equipped to deal with the matters at hand. Learn real bodyweight exercises to propel you. Often times there were no time limits at all, with the winner having the best of 3 falls. Submission wins were preferred so there would be no chance for a challenger to argue if the match was stopped prematurely. Coming soon. This is YOUR career. Simple word, yes, but do not let its simplicity fool you.

Beyond the Lucky 13....that's all that needs to be said! Pro wrestling has been fake since basically its inception. In the days before television, video games, computers and many outside distractions miners and iron workers and local tough guys would wrestle as a recreation after a hard days work. Santel also drew with 5th degree black belt Hikoo Shoji. Coming from a style where there are no points for positions and a pin could end the match, the catch wrestler prefers (but is not limited to) top control.

But the beautiful thing about Lou was his willingness even at an advanced age to pick up things from a younger wrestler, and willingly share his knowledge with me that has left a lasting impression. Let me show you how I have developed a world-class pair of arms that know strength as well as anyone else in the world. Learn how to dominate and control the situation. And the sad thing is, I shouldn't have to hear those tales at all because there is a simple solution. About the author;  John Potenza is the owner and head instructor of Average Joes MMA in Prescott AZ, Certified Catch Wrestler and One of only Seven Assistant Instructors in the World under Billy Robinson and  Representative Instructor in CSW under Erik Paulson. This is circuit training at an intense level.

if (typeof sfsi_widget_set == "function") { I also hold the unofficial world record in the strict curl by curling 250 lbs (and did 270 lbs. Eye gouges, rips, bites, pressure points, etc., are explained and demonstrated in an unabashed fashion. Be sure to check out the MEDIA GALLERY for great clips and updated training tips. It's critical.

I’ve been fortunate to have learned originally from the greatest wrestler I have ever seen, Stanley Radwan.

But before I tell you just what you can do, allow me to give you this this: THE LUCKY 13, -Personal Training, Distance Learning, and Certification, GET TRUE, WORTHY TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION, Nothing upsets me more than when I receive emails from people who fallen for the "buy a certificate" scam. In other grappling systems such as catch wrestling and Sambo, it is a form of the "outside leg triangle" type of leg control. The North Americans already had a brutal rough and tumble style of fighting often referred to as “brawling” or “gouging”, where grappling, strangling, limb twisting, head butting, punching, kicking, biting and even eye gouging were legal. Billy Robinson (one of the last living catch wrestlers from the Wigan days) was hired as the head coach of the UWFI Snake Pit in Japan where he still trains legends like Josh Barnett and Kazushi Sakuraba as well as up and comers like Manabu Inoue and several others. He's real, real good, but more about him later. So have national and international champions.

Catch Wrestling – Original No Holds Barred Fighting. True, I’ve trained men and women who have fought and won in such events as UFC, Pancrase, NAGA, World Combat Wrestling Championships, IFC, and the like. This video series is all about NON sport legal techniques. Japanese professional wrestling and a majority of the Japanese fighters from Pancrase, Shooto and Rngs bear links to catch wrestling. The guard is pretty much obsolete in catch because if the bottom guys shoulders go flat the match is over. 0000003845 00000 n I don't care what it is you're doing, you better know the basics. There are no points for position in catch wrestling, the only ways to win a match are to pin or submit your opponent using one of the many fast and aggressive hooks (or submissions). One of the 20th century’s first major cross-cultural clash of styles in Martial Arts, occurring between the American catch wrestler Ad Santel and the Japanese Tokugoro Ito, a 5th degree black belt in Judo. Often these men would wrestle for fun or small side bets. The other a boxer and Catch Wrestler.

0000002774 00000 n But more importantly, my teachings have helped change (and in some cases even save) lives. I've been a student of the fight game since I was a young boy. Think about two vastly experienced athletes. 158 0 obj <>stream Your choice of 12 DVDs or mp4's. Watch as Bruce H. Lee from the Lost Art of Hooking and I teach you different ways to keep the fight on your feet. 149 0 obj <> endobj There’s lots to be learned from this Granddaddy of wrestling. Catch Wrestling in its many variations can be traced back to Greece and Rome.

window.addEventListener("sfsi_functions_loaded", function() Don't leave it in the hands of YouTube trained coaches and internet warriors.

FREE 4 VIDEO ... and it has a black mark on it because so many of the techniques you see online are outdated, poorly done, and would NEVER work in a live situation, let alone against some of the best guys in the world! FINEST Catch Wrestling I find it amusing how some people still cling to outdated and inferior ways of thinking. To put on a "show". x�b```"#f ���À ,`ȱ�;�/9KCsz_�y���_��2O�ww�� ��:j�_X`����y���)�b����o/���)m{��c��V���{n��rX���+U�W�S���~���ĜZ^t��{�b��$Q�2��$ d"LBdBf%��)�8�]�� �0Li�V�n,�8 a��iǦh/�>�S@�1(500i C����D�i ���Q�API��N,� c�e00�����-` u1@U3�F +��)l��4� *���1tv=Sg�fb^p2�e����%P�b���"�8����.���5��4#� ˎ�

sfsi_widget_set(); You may have seen my multi-page feature in BLACK BELT MAGAZINE, or read that Black Belt Magazine honored me as one of the 20 TOUGHEST FIGHTERS ON PLANET EARTH. It’s a beautiful thing! This is our COMPLETE products package. That's a whopping 42 DVD's and 3 audio CD's.

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