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The most effective way to learn the case interview frameworks outlined above is to practice. Bucket: The most commonly used framework, it is very good for finding the root cause and developing a good idea of the bigger picture. 3 0 obj <> It is still possible to answer these questions with the general framework but it is likely to convey a lack of originality to the interviewer. such as strong brand recognition or intellectual property. endobj Buyers are customers or companies that purchase your company’s product. Deploying one of the following framework types with bespoke parameters is all that is required to develop an exceptional answer. Select the strategies and techniques that will be the most effective.

}�\pH ���+r3P�ܬ����p(c�6����d�UEfHEQz�Op׸���@��T� |X%q�s�e����#1%��*��k�t٫9��=|�Q�h���M+��.���"[�:\ �Wd��p+^���zy)|z�)�wH_�7��`����8^u�9٦ADb{�����w;���e��i�;�St�X�&�5�1���X#�y�| Threats: Who are the most threatening competitors? They are looking to grow and are considering entering the beer market in the United States. Are competitors also experiencing a decline in profitability?

Case interview frameworks or consulting frameworks are arguably the most critical component of a case interview. <<7D3BB8918F89CD40970DF201B1E5F429>]>>

There are two steps to solving a profitability case. There are six common case frameworks in consulting case interviews. 14 0 obj

Each ‘root’ of the tree allows for isolation of the problem and clear analysis. Their goal is to then grow the business using their operational expertise and then sell the company years later for a high return on investment. The 4 P’s in this framework are: product, place, promotion, and price. Once you have your framework buckets, brainstorm a few questions for each bucket that you need answers to. Useful mnemonic: Small Childish People Prefer Marrying Red-heads. <>

Or is the decline due to a decrease in price? This is a logical progression that your market entry framework will take you through to develop a recommendation for market entry cases.

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Promotional techniques and strategies include advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, and public relations. 35 0 obj Let me explain. Industry - what is going on in the industry?
Yet, by no means are we doing it complete justice. Value based pricing: The value that the product provides to the consumer. A framework for this case might look like the following. We first want to determine whether the market is attractive. The next section will reveal four robust strategies for creating unique and tailored consulting frameworks for any case interview. This growth framework is an alternative to using a combination of the profitability and general frameworks. H��UMs�6��W�>@� �q?&��)�d:�P �Pۄ���o$����%H���iz���}o߾���^���޶ٛ�� ��e���)�T`$��|��vCc�)��fn���M!D)uNc4��L�?��0�B�g��?e�q����qd�;� .>z�w���;��ʹQLWȤ�t�45Q�JBtَ���[5�6�9#̇E��H��*҅CSQd�T�v�զi07���Z This strategy guarantees that your framework elements are relevant to the case. x��W�r�0}���A�v�Q��k�ၴ�!m�0}`x�7��Iڤ���_���`Ǒ1zqdY���]y�yH��@�Q�"��V��2AVE�\�E���y��dؿ8%��k��OJ0�%ؖ`S�y�f�&' ���6M�0�b8.��0K5�ӄ����������:�{2�K�.s�}�{"���ύq��.�G����_��m�����i� Useful mnemonic: Why Eight Children Started Laughing, What – the details of the product the client sells. 0000037148 00000 n Should the product be sold in the company’s stores?

0000001636 00000 n endobj In order to recommend launching a new product, the following statements would need to be true: Expanding on these areas, your new product framework could look like the following: A comprehensive guide to market sizing questions and market sizing frameworks can be found in this article. Competitive rivalry: How competitive is the industry? <> Often this is used in conjunction with a bucket framework. Your pricing framework will look something like the following.

Therefore, choose the case framework strategy that is easiest for you given the type of case that you get. In order for you to decide whether Coca-Cola should enter the beer market, you likely have many different questions you’d like to ask: This is not a very structured way of thinking through the case. When you begin working through your framework data collection is your main aim. Because of this, many interview candidates make the mistake of using memorized frameworks for case interviews. If the list does not give you enough areas for your framework, brainstorm and add your own ideas as areas to your framework.

One potential framework could look like the following: Similar to the previous case framework strategy, some cases may require you to focus on improving or optimizing a particular process. The best way to use case interview frameworks effectively is to adapt them. 4 0 obj Looking at competitors, have new players entered the market? They have an obligation to collect each home’s garbage once a week. Or is the increase in costs due to an increase in fixed costs? Additionally, many of the questions are similar to one another and could be grouped together. [ 32 0 R] 32 0 obj

Pricing is important because it determines the profits and the quantity of units sold.

endobj The key is to use only the minimum necessary parameters in order to make a clean and simple comparison. x�b```f``��� ���� Case Interview Frameworks Dictionary PLEASE GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 5 4. Frameworks and Slides – Pdf downloads of the frameworks and slides from the How to Pass the Case Interview Video Program. To create a market entry framework, there are typically four statements that need to be true in order for you to recommend entering the market: These statements form the foundation of our market entry framework. What is causing this issue and what should they do to fix it? If you've done any research on case interview frameworks, you'll find that my approach is a bit different than what you might see elsewhere. Place: You will need to decide where the product will be sold to customers. Investment required – to enter the market what initial costs are there? Following the steps to case interview success recommendations; Clarify, Repeat, Framework, Present, Hypothesise. Check out our Privacy Policy below for details on how we protect and manage your submitted data. It could be something as simple as changing the titles on the buckets to disguise it slightly or replacing a couple of elements in response to the nature of the question but being different is definitely beneficial.

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