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Did he open his mouth? [5][6] The boy's hair had been recently cropped, possibly after death, as clumps of hair clung to the body. [10], Upon attending an estate sale at the foster home, Bristow discovered a bassinet similar to the one sold at J. C. Penney. Any icy inhalation forced another violent shudder down her body. This was a random find for me. [4], In February 1957, the boy's body, wrapped in a plaid blanket, was found in the woods off Susquehanna Road in Fox Chase, Philadelphia. The dead boy's fingerprints were taken, and police at first were optimistic that he would soon be identified. A few days later, a college student spotted a rabbit running into the underbrush. Frederick Benosis who was spying on young wayward girls was initially thought of as a suspect, but he was questioned and cleared via a lie detector test. He feels fortunate to have been able to visit many of the ancient wonders that he read about in history books. The neighbor also told police that Martha was mentally ill and that her story was ridiculous. However, after six months of attempting to corroborate her story, it was determined that “M” had a history of mental problems and none of the information she passed could be proven. The boy’s identity has never been determined and the case has yet to be solved. I was really obsessed with weight loss and had really low self-esteem. Soon after the stepdaughter became pregnant out of wedlock. The strongest lead occurred in May 2002, when a businesswoman (known as “M”) from Cincinnati, OH, claimed her mother purchased the boy from his parents in 1954. His hands and feet were wrinkled indicating they were submerged in water for an extended time just before or after he died. Many tips and theories have been advanced in the case. In the Ivy Hill Cemetery in Cedarbrook, Philadelphia, there sits a large plot, kept almost entirely covered in stuffed animals, donated by local families and interested visitors. However, no one ever came forward with any useful information.[5]. In 1957, police departments did not communicate or share information outside of their local areas. However, the mitochondrial DNA sequence is too small to produce a conclusive match with anyone. “M” claimed her mother killed him in February 1957 in a fit of rage by throwing him down on the floor after he vomited in the bathtub after eating baked beans. A foster home located about 1.5 miles from the crime scene was the first location police officers wanted to check. The first theory came from a psychic. Historic Mysteries provides captivating articles on archaeology, history, and unexplained mysteries. [7] The crime scene was combed over and over again by 270 police academy recruits, who discovered a man's blue corduroy cap, a child's scarf, and a man's white handkerchief with the letter "G" in the corner; all clues that led nowhere. On March 21, 2016, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children released a forensic facial reconstruction of the victim and added him into their database.[1]. Media coverage was also limited to the Pennsylvania/Delaware area. His esophagus contained a dark, brown residue, possibly indicating he vomited shortly before death. Knowing that there were animal traps in the area, he stopped his car to investigate and discovered the body. It was one of 12 sold by a JC Penny store in Upper Darby. He was given a bath, during which he died. Powered by Vocal © 2020 Jerrick Ventures LLC. His nails were noted as being neatly trimmed. The boy's body was buried in Potter's Cemetery, but later was dug up for DNA evidence. Penney. On February 25, 1957, a college student walking through a field in the countryside of Philadelphia’s Fox Chase neighborhood found a cardboard packing box on a pile of garbage. The police had not told the public about finding baked beans in the child's stomach and how the child's fingers were waterlogged. "M" was ordered to stand in front of the car's license plate to shield it from view while the mother convinced the would-be Good Samaritan that there was no problem. Like the goddess Soteria, who promoted safety and kept the good from harm, a lady cop in the greatest city in the world tried to wrangle a monster. Investigators focused on the baby bassinet box that the boy was found in. The lead was originally discovered by a Philadelphia man (who introduced Romano and Hoffmann to each other) and was developed and presented, with the help of Hoffmann, to the Philadelphia Police Department and the Vidocq Society in early 2013. Perhaps the lead everyone has been waiting for will present itself. Besides all that, my family and I live in a neighborhood where almost everybody knows each other. The police tried to locate the man and his stepdaughter and finally found them, now married. The website is America’s Unknown Child. In today’s age, this case would have been national news and the information pertaining to this case would have been available to all city and federal law enforcement agencies. Investigators thought this was the lead they were looking for to finally solve the case. There were signs of severe malnourishment, as well as surgical scars on the ankle and groin, and an L-shaped scar under the chin.[7]. The headstone reads Americas Unknown Child, a permanent reminder of the child who lies beneath it, the one found alone in a box, who no one could identify. It was only a few days later that Benosis came across the body. This story corroborated confidential testimony given by a male witness in 1957, who said that the body had been placed in a box previously discarded at the scene. He refused to take a lie detector test and a psychic hired to assist in this investigation led investigators directly to the foster home (without ever visiting the area first). During one of my many forays through the bargain stacks at the bookstore, I found myself picking this book up off of the shelf. In order to preserve the peace, her partner and she attempted to keep down a beast that ultimately kicked the female police officer into the path of trains. [10], Another theory was brought forward in February 2002 by a woman identified only as "Martha." There are many theories and tips about this case, and even though most of them lead nowhere, there were two that stood out to police. The neighbor told police that they had been inside the home and there was no evidence that a little boy had ever lived there. It was also massed produced and shipped to multiple locations. © 2009-2020 Historic Mysteries. Bob Kuhlmeier confirmed that DNA taken from the Memphis man was compared to the Fox Chase boy, and there was no connection. But this never occurred. As the founder of Historic Mysteries, his goal is to share with you the secrets of our past. Two days prior, a young man spotted the body when he was checking on his muskrat traps in this rural area. They named the boy Jonathan. Chapter 1 Many tips and theories have been advanced in the case. I already was well-developed and had the body of a grown woman, which made me very insecure. All but one were traced back to their owners. His identity has never been discovered, and the case remains open. The Boy in the Box, also known as America’s Unknown Child, was a young boy who was found dead inside a cardboard box in a rural part of Philadelphia in February 1957. The police even took it a step further, and a postmortem photo of the boy fully dressed and sitting in a chair was distributed to the public.

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