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After each housemate casted their votes, the housemates up for eviction were Rory, Cherry, Terri and Ben. Tonights theme is 'Celebrities Behaving Badly'. The 4 people that do not find one will be in danger. At the HOH, the Houseguests had to complete 3 obstacles and at the end of each was a key. The time came to reveal the identity of the mole, and Big Brother instructed the housemates to take it in turns to announce who they thought the mole was.
There's then a highlights package of the last eight years of the show. Brigitte had an argument with Travis over his sometimes exhausting positive attitude towards everything.

A while later Big Brother played Rima's hand grenade to the housemates and she told everyone that there was no mole. The housemates receive their new task where they are each championship wrestlers and everytime their individual theme song plays they have to race out to the ring in the backyard, in costume, and knock down the ninja. Head of Household Travis. Big Brother tells him he is banned from the showers and must use a bucket to wash himself now. & Rob M. At the POV, Cookiez, Rob I., Rob M., Pixie, Ornlo, and Randy competed.

Tonight Mike, Bree and Ryan, go live to the house, were Big Brother reveals, that the prize for tonights winner is to spend some time with a loved one, whilst the other housemates loved ones will be left gunged. Big Brother 8 aired on July 5, 2007, on the CBS network with the finale ending on September 18, 2007.. Nobbi, Ben, Rory and Bianca leave on their flight and end up at the city dump.
They then talk to the housemates left in the diary room, starting with Ben & Travis. She then nominated Gracie & Rob M. At the POV, Cookiez, Denise, Gracie, Rob I., Rob M., and Zach competed. Mike, Bree and Ryan join the housemates in the arena for tonights competition. Big Brother then called her into the diary room where her suitcase was. Then Rebecca began leaving a message for each housemate starting with Brigitte. Alice became very upset at this, then Travis became upset. Hope you like international shows and movies!

In each matchup, they would have to complete an obby. At that nights family dinner, Nobbi was able to attend for the first time thanks to a one night pass the housemates had bought from the vending machine. At the competition, the Houseguests would be on rockets and the rockets would push them back. They are the first two members of the secret society of moon monks, and they must get up at 2am each night for a moon worship. She talks to Kyle & Jackie about her time in the house. Dixie didn't react to this very well and swore at the screen.

The last housemate left is Alice, we take a look at Alice and her use of the treadmill. Everyone was devastated and was quick to sympathise with Alice. The housemates perform their dance routines for two of the judges of. The housemates began nominations with Alice, Bianca and Brigitte up, however unbeknownst to everyone; Dixie's hand grenade was to save one of these three housemates. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.

Travis is starting to. At the POV, Ornlo, Pixie, Rob I., Brittnee, Randy, and Rob M. were selected to play. Plus one housemate will be evicted.

The top vote-getter will enter the spaceship and have the opportunity to earn a game-changing power. They both then talked to Kyle and Jackie O about their time in the house. As they settle in Big Brother announces that one housemate is to be evicted by the housemates the following day.

At precisely 2am, Nobbi and Bianca completed their moon worship. They are not impressed, and Nobbi believes that he has been shafted once again. The housemates competed in a series of games, where Nobbi was determined the winner.

Big Brother gives Brigitte a video message from her family and her princess sparkles toy. Rob M. won! blog . Big Brother tells the housemates he is going. Obby Gameshows Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Dick, Jessica and Dustin were able to spy on the other house guests as they got to know each other. The housemates are then told they will receive messages from home, except Brigitte who was the recipient of Renee's hand grenade.

Travis shaves his legs. The housemates struggle to cope with a week on staples as a result of losing the task. The final round was the 'Tori Spelling Bee' where Rebecca and Nathan were each given three celebrity names to spell. Everyone was thrilled with Cherry's hand grenade as he is nice to everyone. Bianca tells Ben that she doesn't want to spoon. We take a look at the housemates last chat with Big Brother in the Diary room. Travis gets his chest waxed. The first person to ring in eliminated their opponent and chose the next 2 to go. I then told them who might've said it. away for the evening so they get to be him. The housemates had just been told that the clue for finding this years prize money is buried outside, and the backyard has been transformed into a dig site. Live to Alice because Rebecca believed that she deserved a break. Nathan and David had just been evicted from the house. At the second part of the premiere, the Houseguests would have to roll a ball down an alley. There were halloween themed items scattered across the yard. The decision unanimous, and Rebecca was asked to come back as it was her birthday. At the HOH, In each round, I gave the Houseguests one of the episode quotes said this season. Travis. Person with the most points after all 8 statements won the Final HOH! The first person to do so would win the POV! Later when Ben enters the diary room, he discovered that the traditional chair had been replaced by a moving clown car machine. They were 100% accurate with this and therefore passed the task. and if they went when it wasn't GO! The guys make up and SOS signal, when they are stuck in a conversation with Terrance. Rob I. was then the replacement nominee. Remember: Abuse of the TV.com image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! In a weekly live show, hosted by Charlotte Karlinder, Miriam Pielhau and … She was very upset and staged another protest in the diary room. Big Brother punishes him by banishing him to the backyard to sleep in the kombi. She stated that she absolutely loved Brigitte and she has so much potential, however she then moved onto Dixie and stated that she liked her at the start but her opinion has changed of her now and she found Dixie very fake and non trustworthy. At the POV, Brittnee, Ty, Rob M., Ornlo., Cookiez, and Pixie were selected to play. The hand grenade this week is for replacement in the kombi and Nobbi chose Terri since she was. Rob M. then broke the tie and sent Cookiez home making him the 7th juror. and issues them each a strike. If farthest away they'd be out. A morph of 3 houseguests would appear on a board. However all is not as it seems as Terri is immediately called to the diary room, were she is given a secret task as Corey's guardian, over his stay as a Houseguest in the house. Brittnee and Mike won the competition and earned immunity. In each round, there was a veto card hidden in the house. Rory, Nobbi, Nathan, Renee, Bianca and Travis join Terri and Saxon, Dave, Ben, Rebecca, Brigitte and Dixie join Corey. That night at the family dinner, an argument is started when Ben stated that he would never associate with a bricklayer in the outside world. They would have to answer true or false. This season was won in a 5-4 vote by BostonRobMariano over ornlo. 3 days to discover who this is, when actually there is not actually a mole. Terri becomes upset with Bianca's shortness with her. By a vote of 7-3, Gracie was evicted.

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