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Cookies help us deliver our Services. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11B5SRZKVEtQXxKPst1uiYbz_oFfxKCnWGHbmC1eF8ss/edit#gid=0. What sensitivity do you all use for aim down sights and hip fire in your settings? In-game H/V sensitivity settings and DPI multiple together to (essentially) give you your total hipfire sensitivity. However, this makes lines and corners quite rough and takes on a saw tooth pattern which looks very unattractive, and since I haven’t seen any difference when it comes to spotting enemies I put this on T-AA. This list is a great resource if you want to know what DPI, multiplier, sensitivity, resolution, fov or aspect ratio your favorite Rainbow Six Pro is on right now. Thank you but how does the dpi correlate with the in-game sensitivity settings in most cases? Mastering your aim requires precision and accuracy, you can choose additional modifiers for the rifles to improve rainbow six siege weapon accuracy. This needs to be on ultra as this determinate the mesh detail over distance and has a direct impact on your visibility, you want to see your enemies as sharp as possible regardless of the distance. A game is a 5v5 rounds between two teams, attackers and defenders where each team has 5 operators. Press J to jump to the feed. Although the game has a tactical and psychological aspect to it, aiming is the most important thing in r6 siege. (I want to use this to tweak my own). There's no real difference between 800 DPI, 50 H/V and 400 DPI, 100 H/V. Here you’ll find aim training techniques for rainbow six siege pc to improve your skills. Keeping calm while advancing is key to improve your tracking and help keep your aim steady. By lowering your mouse sensitivity, you actually make your target bigger as the error window for over and undershoot is larger than with high mouse sensitivity. This value of 50 gives a neutral and consistent transition between hipfire and ADS with regard to physical mouse/gamepad stick distance versus physical monitor distance. There's no real difference between 800 DPI, 50 H/V and 400 DPI, 100 H/V. In-game ADS sensitivity settings are applied as an additional factor to your total hipfire sensitivity. Shadow quality has a direct impact on the shadow casting of your enemy so you can notice easily if an enemy is behind a corner or wall by looking at the shadow reflection. Texture filtering or smoothing is a technique that is used for optimizing and blending in separate textures to create a subtle transition. Vertical sensitivity settings selection is determined by your r6s recoil patterns, so when you’re firing at a target and your crosshair moves vertically If you notice that you’re overcompensating or not practicing counter-recoil vertically then adjusting your vertical sensitivity should solve this. Base it off your hand dexterity and natural movememts dude. It's literall all down to you. Personal choice m8. Visit our Academy and reach the highest Training Levels your aim practice routine needs to focus on, Get higher rainbow 6 siege stats by using this training sequence as part of your aim practice. When it comes to FPS games and especially tactical shooters like RBSS where the TTK is very low spotting your enemy as fast and easily as possible is key towards success. Tom Clancey’s Rainbow 6 Siege is one of the most complex gameplays you’ll find in the top ten fps games. Creates unwanted bloom and lens effects like you are watching the game from within a camera rather than through the eyes of the operator, so turn this off as this has a negative impact on your visibility. It's not a simple question as that, you should be setting your sensitivity based on the size of your mousepad, not on average suggestion. Recommended FOV settings: Between 60 – 70 Vertical. Ambient occlusion is an advanced lightning effect which makes lightning and shadows more dynamic, the effect is that dark area are even darker and bright areas brighter. Recommended 360-spin distance: Between 30 – 45cm. i have 600*480 Resokution -15.6 inch montior -1000dpi and a pretty big mouse pad Can someone calculate my sensivity I cant find the best one PLS, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. This can mean that new players might not be able to enjoy playing it to the fullest due to not understanding the game firsthand and it’s aiming skill requirements. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11B5SRZKVEtQXxKPst1uiYbz_oFfxKCnWGHbmC1eF8ss/edit#gid=0. Headshots are win-shots, they are the quickest and most effective way to eliminate your enemy. In-game H/V sensitivity settings and DPI multiple together to (essentially) give you your total hipfire sensitivity. And that is exactly what Night Mode provides, it mutes your own gunfire and ambient sounds more than any other audio setting so you can hear your enemy’s footsteps better. Rainbow6 is primarily a tactical shooter game, every round is a lesson for players in tactics, where the consequences of their actions determine the scenario of the next round. Creates a blur effect around the edges of your scope when going ADS which makes spotting enemies at the edge of your screen harder than it should. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The rewards of good teamwork make the game one of the best shooter games for pc out there. With the same reasoning as for the FOV settings in mind, it’s better to use a lower sensitivity compared to games with high time to kill as you won’t be performing big mouse swipes a lot you want to be as accurate as possible for hitting those headshots. This was posted a while back. This means there’s a good chance you can create a setup that allows you to keep fingers on WASD while activating crouch, sprint, etc. Commit yourself to a set of warm-up/practice routine for .5-1 hour every day. Taking these 2 factors into account it’s more beneficial to focus on what’s happening in front of you by lowering your FOV a bit, this will also make your enemies a bit bigger compared to a high FOV and makes it easier hitting those crucial headshots. If you prefer to use iron sights, etc, you might prefer a setting on the lower end; if you prefer ACOGs, you might prefer a setting on the higher end. Some players like kixstar use a super low sens to good effect whilst others such as the bf4 player relaaa uses really high sens but still maintains amazing accuracy (almost aimbot like). Sounds queue’s like enemy footsteps or other movement sounds are the once’s you want to hear as clear as possible while your own gunfire and ambient sounds are a distraction that you want to mute as much as possible. This can be a great starting point if you are wondering how you should set up your settings. Make sure it’s at least on medium and if your GPU can handle it on ultra. An accurate headshot guarantees a quick TTK which is one of the top requirements to dominate in Rainbow 6 Siege. The most important aspect of fast-tracking your aim to the highest performance level is finding the right sensitivity settings and sticking with it. Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay. The thing to remember here is that a high in-game ADS sensitivity setting will make your ADS aim feel relatively fast when compared to your hipfire aim (and the converse is also true). Most people who've thought about it seem to prefer an in-game ADS sensitivity settings of around 40 - 50. Just stick with it and youll buid up memory. Welcome to the Rainbow 6 subreddit, a community for R6 fans to discuss Rainbow Six Siege and past favorites. Varies from one person to another. I used to use relatively total high sensitivity with good results, but am enjoying a much lower total sensitivity more recently. This means that if you are shot from behind or from an off-angle your most likely going to die, and the widow for countermeasures is very narrow or non-existed when your opponent is somewhat decent. Tweaking your graphics settings can be a major asset when it improving your visibility. These settings should be adjusted in RBSS for the best possible vision. His aim and positioning as Glaz is definitely unique and special, but I wonder how it will change with the new nerf. The rewards of good teamwork make the game one of the best shooter games for pc out there. From now on, new R6 players will have an ADS sensitivity value of 50 for all zoom levels. Psycho Psycho has been an up and coming player from Brazil, one of the best from a country of great Rainbow Six Players. RBSS is a tactical shooter with a limited number of enemies and a very low time to kill which means you die within a split second when taking damage. It's all personal preference. However, if you don’t practice counter-recoil horizontally or if you overcompensate to snap back then you must adjust your horizontal sensitivity settings. He has been surprising people with plays using Glaz, sometimes a bit of a rarity in the Pro scene. Rule of thumb, a higher horizontal sensitivity allows you to quickly snap left or right. So, really, only the product of these settings matter. Up until recently, he has generally been finding success in regional tournaments and has consistently been considered one of the best players from Brazil. Here are pro league sensitivities. Having said that, crosshair placement on the altitude of the head of the enemy is a must. Rainbow6 is primarily a tactical shooter game, every round is a lesson for players in tactics, where the consequences of their actions determine the scenario of the next round. If you master crosshair placement for r6 at a head level you will kill your opponent every time even if he fired the first shot. This is the middle ground between performance and GFX quality and the best setting for distinguishing your enemy from the background. Selecting the right sensitivity while playing Rainbow6 aids two important features: Tracking and Recoil Control. At only 19, he is … Since accurate aiming is the number one factor in winning at Rainbow Six, Build your muscle memory by frequently practicing headshot aiming at stationary and on moving targets. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Best Rainbow 6 Keybinds for PC Rainbow Six doesn’t require a crazy overhaul with keybinds, thanks to the more minimal controls and settings. This is not something you want when playing competitively as you want to distinguish every texture piece of the map as easily as possible. Good accuracy is the key to level up your account, gain new operators, and boost your rankings. The result is that enemies are harder to spot in dark areas as the surrounding is darker than when turned OFF. To track moving targets it requires a lot of practice and training. But again, it's really personal preference. Choosing the wrong horizontal sensitivity settings will adversely affect your tracking. From crosshairs to handles, suppressors, or lasers, choose what would make your weapon more efficient to move up in Rainbow 6 ranks. In-game ADS sensitivity settings are applied as an additional factor to your total hipfire sensitivity. That is due to the fact that as you play more, your muscle memory becomes more ingrained in your brain and if you switch your sensitivity after a while all the muscle memory you have built will be gone. If you check out our R6 Pro Settings and Gear List you’ll see that some pro players are using a different ‘multiplier.’ As a developer of the game explains; the default value for this ‘MouseSensitivityMultiplierUnit’ is 0.02 which means that if your sens is set to 50 the game will use 50*0.02 (equaling ‘1’) to multiply your mouse position delta. Tracking means moving your crosshair accurately to remain on the target at all times whether one of you or each is moving. My personal setup is G402 mouse @800dpi on a 42x35 cm mousepad, in-game sensitivities are 13, 13, 60 and standard windows mouse speed with no acceleration ofc. This is a bit of a personal preference, some people turn it off as they claim they can spot pixel peeking opponents better at further ranges.

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